The Dawn of an Era

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

So here goes nothing…..

I present to you the priest with an attitude, Coagulater (Left), and the nuking boomkin, Fealen (Right). These characters reside on the US Server of Eitrigg (PvE).

My main is Fealen currently. He is running a Boomkin raid utility/boss dps spec of 58/0/13. He carries the guild tag of <Revenged>, where he is an officer of the guild and a dedicated raider on the 10 and 25man teams.

The alt is Coagulater. Currently at level 69 he carries a leveling holy spec of 14/46/0. Due to him pairing up with a BM Hunter to level he’ll be up at level cap in no time. His current guild tag is <Fritos>, an alt/bank guild for my main above which has become the home of many friends including my girlfriends toons. Not much after he dings 70 he’ll carry the <Revenged> tag proudly.

So here marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship. My next few posts will most certainly be more detailed introductions of myself and these characters (they have personalities too!). I’ll also be hitting on my influences and reasons for writing this blog.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy.

– Fealen

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