Don’t try to put a cover on a simmering pot…..

Carpet Man!

Coagulater on his Flying Carpet

Since my last post a lot has changed. For one Coagulater is over the hump of level 70 and stretched half-way through 71. A few upgrades from (N) Nexus and a bit of healing practice under my belt with him in Nexus and a (N) DTK run put him where he currently is. His tag under his name also got the Revenged makeover, and so he moves up.

On to a simmering problem: As I previously mentioned, Fealen holds an Officer position in the guild. Something that I kinda hold proud to. I do what I can to keep our GL from exploding into a ball of loathing as our guild goes through some changes. We recently had a loot system fall apart on us in the first week of using it and on top of all that a couple of the officers are having a bit of a rough time, because of the changes that have been made to the guild.

History: We use to be a casual guild…very casual. We had our 10man Kara team, that eventually rotated people out cause our GL had the attitude of “No one gets left out”. It served well as most of us had fresh 70’s as of a few months shy of the Sunwell patch, so our motivation wasn’t there to pursue the 25man content as much as we were trying to find our niche.

LK came out and the gear reset happened and after hauling butt to 80 we were contenders for top of the line gear, that we still had to work for. Going into Naxx we paired up with a sister guild and punished 25man content at a casual pace. (Shout out Precaution!) After Ulduar came out we did what we could in there, along with our sister guild. Key players took a break (including yours truly) and in the process our sister guild disbanded and Revenged followed suit.

When I returned in July after a 2 month hiatus Revenged was back on it’s feet and trying to build up momentuem for the raid that was on it’s way. Pushing through 25man Ulduar with another sister guild was proving to be hard, loot rules were fair but ideas between the two guilds members eventually amounted to a break off over a gear score dispute (That’s for another day).

TotC is released and like all the other casual guilds we find ourselves getting hung up on the FC fight and such. Through our 10man dream team gearing out and having fun our recruitment as been amazing. Thus leads us to our recent demise. On the heals of ambition the GL decides that we have now become a progressive guild.

Such words can strike fear into the hearts of those scared of change. I fall into this category but I’m not unadaptable, I just like to weigh out options before throwing myself in to the lake. With the title change comes a lot of procedural changes: 2 10-man groups, 1-2 nights of 25man raiding (depending on the progress). There’s also the stipulation of a DPS minimum, which I’m all for…but the overnight switch from “Come one, come all!” into “You don’t deeps enough, go gear up” certainly doesn’t allow those that didn’t meet the requirement time to automatically push it. So that’s been an issue we are dealing with.

On top of it, the Officers got split and put into 2 different 10-mans. I’m all for spliting the “legions”, it helps with community, plus the officers have the gear/know-how for their characters so they can help powerhouse those without as much gear/know-how. What has stirred chaos is the abupt change without consultation. Making everyone happy is impossible, but communicating to the Officers would have avoided alot of the drama, as we do have lives outside of the game that we plan our raids around.

All that aside things are going fairly well. Monday night saw our Twins 25man kill, Anub 25man is on notice tonight. And Fealen is looking forward to getting 9 Triumph badges and completing his T9, per Trophy drop….a lot of theorycrafting to do…not enough time to do it.

Still working on getting my inspirations post together and maybe working on my first feature……’ll have to wait to find out about it. 😀

Good Luck in Azeroth folks!

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