Sometimes change is a good thing

In a glorious turn of events last night <Revenged> pushed 4/5 into 25-man TotC. One-shotted Beasts (no one died to worms, 2 causalities on Icehowl), one-shotted Jaraxxus. We had to do two takes on FC cause they streamed crowd control on us one by one quicker than the healer could react. Than Twins went down like a rock, Anub has been sent his pink slip, tomorrow night he’s evicted.  😀

We  started our new loot system last night. It’s a home grown variation of Suicide Kings, and it seems to have worked out pretty well for it’s first night. There was little resistance to it last night, just some voices of people who got low on the list initially. I think this system will do a good job of creating loyalty amongst those who are just started the TotC gear up and it will reward those who have been around for awhile by giving everyone an equal chance of getting loot at the same time as dividing it up equally.

Boomkin Love!

25man TotC Overall (Cleared to Twins)

With the added incentive of our loot our DPS really picked up the pace for the evening overall. We still have people working on pushing over 3k, but they weren’t as low last night as they were in past weeks. I have faith in raiding team to finish off Anub tonight. This boomkin right here did other boomkins as much justice as he could, FC did him in a bit. 😛

Fealen is keeping his fingers crossed hoping that Reign of the Dead drops cause I’m the next caster in line for loot so it’s absolutely mine if it drops. After that I’m looking for the back piece off of Faction Champs.

Ripping through 10-man tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Good Luck!

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