One mood to rule them all……

Mammoth Party! Woo Hoo!

THE SANDBOX started a mammoth party on the landing one night last week!

I told I’d let you know how 10-man Totc went. It was bumpy, and people were less than enthusiastic from what I could tell. From people who like being chacoaled to people trying to hug Icehowl the groove wasn’t there. We did get Anub down in one try, but overall I wasn’t impressed with effort placed forth by the veterans of the place. I hope to see attitude adjusts by invite time tonight. 25-man Anub does not give leeway for “I’m tired and not in a good mood” whines.

On a really good note, at least from an officer stand point, a recent addition to the guild has shown all the characteristics of being a loyal and amazing raider. Certainly some coaching and gear lessons need to be presented to the player as she was sub-par last night, but her attentiveness and effort is what we need on our raid team. After last nights raid I took the extra steps to make her feel welcome and try to past the understanding that while currently she isn’t outputting the numbers we’d wish to see her attitude is noticed and we’ll work on getting her up to par. I gave her a suggest of where to go for help and we had some Officer chat about getting her correctly gemmed during the raid. I hope she stays with the guild, invest the time now and it shall pay off later.

So tonight I hope to get some time on Coagulater. It’s been awhile since he’s stepped foot in Northrend. I’ve had him planted in Org controlling the Netherweave Bag market and generally causing dismay for people trying to undercut him. It’s what Undead do. 😀

So I bid ye farewell! Good luck!

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