Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

So last night was a night filled lots of tones. 25-man TotC already causes mixed emotions, and tensions ran high as Beasts proved difficult for us. Strange as it was we found that the entire night was going to be like that. The Officers kept a positive attitude as the rest of the raid finally came together. Cleared up to Anub and left him to sit and ponder his own demise…’s coming.

So I mentioned I’d post a picture of my UI cause it’s recently become a big deal to me as over night it changed…basically. As all things like so it took some tinkering to get it useful…..the first night I had it up was atrocious, and we were doing Beasts in ToGC10. I wasn’t as helpful being a DPS as I wish I had been, and I was subpar…….awesome Fealen…..awesome. That aside I’ll pick apart my add-ons for your enjoyment.

User Interface of Fealen

The reason for the pic was Xerc, our mage, hijacked the wings off the Faction Champion’s paladin. (Look above “Move Anything”)

So as you see above it definitely would require some getting use to. My bags and options are at the top of the screen, my Self-Potrait is on right hand side of the screen. Biggest thing I had to get use to was the action bar at the bottom. Let’s see what we have here:

  • MoveAnything – Such a handy tool. Every window (except mammoth on right hand side of screen) can be moved to my knowledge. Had my bags been open in this shot they’d be spread across the top of my action bars instead of riding up the right side of my screen stacking on each other. I can even move where windows open, and in this shot I’m so lucky to have moused over a DK to show that even my tool-tip that usually resides in the bottom right corner is up along side my recount (which I moved to the notch in Bartender add-on for ease of vision). Having explored as much as I’ve had with this addon I recommend it to anyone doing a UI make over, as it makes customizing default Blizz Interfaces simple.
  • Bartender4 – Was really skeptical about using this seeing as it takes me forever to get use to one thing and then to switch over to another makes me have to learn a whole new set of things, but I use this mostly for convenience. It puts all your buttons out in front of you with an option to have up to 10 different bars. So far it has turned out nice as I sometimes have to heal myself through something FC when I’m running, or I can De-curse someone without thinking of it because everything is layed out in a natural fashion for me based on the key-binding I gave it.
  • X-perl – This was a big change for me. I’m so use to the WoW UI that chaging to this kinda confused me for a bit, but the customization within in this program is so substantial that I was able to make my screen like it fit “just right” for me.  It gives me a lot of feedback about the raid situation, especially who is rezzing who and how long some has been D/C’d or AFK. Really helps as an officer adapting to whats going on around me. And the Health bars of what i’m killing stand out more and my DoTs show up bigger so I don’t have to sort through the 2312344 other debuffs the Boss has to find if mine are still there.
  • Shadow’s Eclipse Monitor – I had to get this because of X-perl making my buffs small and what not, and I did myself a little inconvenience by moving my nameplate to the right side of the screen. It’s basic operation is to notify me what spell is safe to cast without wasting the Eclipse/Solar proc in the middle of my casting roation. Really handy when I have to run from a mechanic or something during Faction Champs and the reminder in my head goes away for any reason.

This change took like 2-3 days to do because of my natural ability to not be coordinated enough to learn quickly. Last night proved that everything gelled well together, so for the time being I’m keeping it this way. not that I need any assistance or anything but I’d like some feedback on it. Anything I should beware of that later down the road might change my mind. That kind of stuff. I have already experienced a bug where it told me a Mage had a cooldown on Rebirth. Odd.

It looks like tonight is a night off from “nose to the grind stone” raiding. I might do some PvP or something fun…….I need to make some gold again, maybe I’ll quest in IC, I need to open up Ebon Blade faction for my Vanguard Achieve.

Pew Pew! 😀

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  1. Loving the bog so far, babe. I don’t understand why you would mess up your screen as much as you did, but then again I don’t raid. Maybe some day I will understand, eh? I love you my smexy undead priest man :p ❤

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