How to make your leveling partner upset…

So apparently <Revenged> needs to take classes on bug extermination cause Anub25 keeps eluding us. We solved “Add confusion” now we are stuck on a “DPS running around absent-mindedly” problem. Friday night was not worth the repair bill. Can’t wait until I get Coagulater up to gear with TotC, I will no longer be grouped with the chart watchers. ๐Ÿ˜€

So after another week with no Anub loot it’ll be nice to have a night without raid instruction on Coagulater. I’m finding that leveling holy with a BM hunter has provide alot of boring moments, with high peaks of “OMGZ, spam CoH…..”. This only comes from the fact that my partner in crime sends her bear in, it grabs 4-5 mobs and than they are DPSed down in no time. I usually end up just throwing Renew on the bear and by the time the last tick goes off everything is dead. Being as experienced as I am at the game I normal goof off or get myself in to trouble. I have grouped up a nice list of things that stick out in my mind as what I’d like to call “Leveling hijinx” They are as follows.

  • Being a priest I am endowed with a plethora of fun tools for healing, but my biggest interest is in the Mind Control ability. After throwing Renew on our furry little tank I look around for unsuspecting victims. One quick wanding and a PW:S thrown on myself and I bring the mob in range of my tank incase something goes wrong. MC the attacker a then run amuck killing it’s friends and haplessly trying to find a way to kill them while MC’ed. Thoroughly entertaining for myself. My partner giggles until something goes wrong and we get instagibbed cause I’m not healing. I havent been keeping perfect track of the count, but I think we’ve made 3-4 corpse runs due to my boredom.
  • In my boredom I also like to tag multiple mobs and drag them on top of the bear, when I say multiple i’m talking like 5-6 more than what the bear picked up. This has always been a little thrilling: pop a bubble, run through some mobs and make a beeline for the bear and sit on top of him until Thunderstomp goes off. This gets dangerous I don’t take notice of what the bear is doing, or remember the TPS I pull by healing myself. This too has caused but I can’t recall any ghost runs because of it.
  • My last bad habit is attempting to speed up the “Kill X amount of mob” quests I go off and try to DPS down things without my killing machine hunter to assist. The first 2-3 mobs depending on 1H or 2H mechanics, or even being casters are usually a washover, but after burning mana when I’ve already pulled then I panic and look for a bear, or since my killing machine is in the same room as me I just yelled out frantically hoping she comes to save my squishy skeleton.

Overall I’ve only seen FAILpriest 8-10 times since I talented into it while questing. Instances are another story. ๐Ÿ˜›

So tonight the adventure goes on tonight, and hopefully another level is gained. Crossing my fingers I can get him to 80 before 3.3 drops so I can take advantage of all the rep cuts and other leveling nerfs that Blizz is throwing at us from day one. Hate to see some of Blizz’s hard work put to waste cause I can’t level fast enough.

See you guys in Azeroth!


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3 responses to “How to make your leveling partner upset…

  1. Well, I must agree that it is quite annoying having to save your skinny ass when you decide to try to pull a ton of mobs on us. I am often tempted to not do anything, but you being my healer… well it wouldn’t be a good idea. :-p

    No more holes, okay? Death=bad.

  2. scarabaeus

    I can admit to doing the same thing as a healer… Hell, I remember a few raids where the healing was so easy I’d start chucking fire and lightning. ๐Ÿ˜€

    HENCE, why I quit healing altogether!

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