There’s no wrong way, but you’re not doing it right…..

So last night was moderately eventful. Kainda dinged and Coagulater managed to come within 3.5 bars of 74. This pace is definitely not working for me; I need 80 before the patch. So we shall push ahead and do what we can. I might try to heal some instances to get more experience and what not with certain instance mechanics that I have not seen from a Healer point of view nor have I seen it leveling. Plus it would knock some quests out and give me a nice chunk of experience.

The evening wasn’t eventful till pretty late. A pseudo debate broke out last in guild chat (actually we were making fun of the Guild Leader) about the right way of going about leveling. Our GChat debate wasn’t thoughtful, as jokes about manliness were tossed out there, and defensiveness about lack of interest due to leveling so many 80’s. It did raise some thoughts about there being a right or wrong way to level. A lot of people in the guild have quested all the way to 80; I know a few never even touched a dungeon, not even to complete a quest in one. Our Guild Leader was on a spree last night getting a run through the Hellfire instances by a level 80 pally. Is one way right and the other wrong? Granted points can be dug up for any two sides of an argument about the subject, but can any one side win?

  • My own biggest complaint about being run through an instance just for XP gains is you are missing out on the storylines. Blizzard has done an amazing job of story writing. The faces, the lore, the humor. I get more personal gain sabotaging plans of an NPC, or stealing Wolf pups, even being told by my future self that my gear sucks. Without all this I don’t feel I playing the game correctly, or giving the game the justice it deserves. That’s one of the awesome parts of questing, it has a purpose, people are in places for a reason, and by being pulled through an instance it doesn’t give those NPC’s a purpose, and the dev that wrote the code for them wasted his time, as well as the graphical designer that made the model. It just doesn’t feel right!
  • Gear transition is another huge part of why I don’t like running people through instances. Certainly such foolery doesn’t matter until Nothrend these days, but there comes a time  when the content you need to be pulled through won’t support the gear you have cause believe it or not, questing gear does actually help you, and though it’s not the best gear around, it does assist with the transition from leveling to Heroics. Missing out on it can gimp you, granted this becomes null and void if you have four fantastic guildies that can help you. To some extent if they actually have to work for the badges it’s not carrying you through stuff anymore. If you didn’t have the team to assist you it puts you in an awkward spot when you ding 80 and then you find yourself being a burden in Heroics cause of the gear difference. This issue can be offset but it depends on who is there at the end to “assist” you.
  • My last issue is usually a make/break for a character, and can apply to me as well. (You’ll see) Leveling a toon by being run through instances does not set you up for situational awareness with your intended job, nor does it help your muscles learn what to press, where to click, and the best spell to use. When someone comes across a player that isn’t sure what spell/ability to use in situations the question “Did you buy your toon on EBay?” always gets thrown out there and from my own experiences playing with an under-geared player who knows the class leads to more successes then an over-geared player who has what looks likes no understanding.

Our fearless Guild Leader has his way of doing things; some others in the guild have their way of doing things. Me, I’ll always quest to level, nothing like torturing people in building. (I love Northrend)

This is where my lack of understanding has come in. I Dual Spec’d Fealen last night. I was thinking PvP heals…but as I was trying to setup Bartender in tree form and realizing that Bartender is discriminate towards multi-formed specs I also scratched my head about healing. Sure, when I go into a BG on Fealen I do a little of both, heal and dps…the occasional CC when I can but I’ve never cemented myself down to Tree-form. This applies to my thought above, over-geared and not a clue in the world on how to heal. I always tell my guild that I’ll never heal on Fefe for the reason that I don’t understand Druid healing, and I won’t heal for their sake, not my own. So today I’ve been banging my head against the wall finally deciding that maybe a pure PvP spec would be okay. I know how to kite properly with Fefe given certain conditions. I have learned that boomkin alone are target dummies, but in a setting where they can attack something without being targeted, they devastate. So I think I’ll be doing a respec this afternoon after a lot of research.

TotC 10-man is tonight (I think I’m scheduled) so hopefully it goes swell. I think Ony is going down tonight as well. We are so spur of the moment sometimes. 😀

Have a good day in Azeroth!

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