Ch-ch-ch-changes. Time to make a change…..

So it happened, Blizz swung the nerf bat at Boomkins on the PTR. Thanks Blizzard. The only one that affects me is a gear stat change on the T8 2set bonus:

  • Item – Druid T8 Balance 2P Bonus – Increases the bonus granted by Eclipse for Starfire and Wrath by 7%. (Down from 15%)

What does this mean? It means that T8/T9 won’t be the BiS until you can get the iLvl 258 4set bonus. It also means that my 14k Starfires won’t be flashing up as much as they use to. Also I’ll be less likely to see 11k Wraths. Oh how I’ll miss thee.

Why did Blizz do this? Because on the PTR it was discovered that even with T10 dropping, Boomkins were still carrying around the awesome T8/T9 synergetic combo. The nerf makes T10 more appealing then the 2set off the lesser gear of the T8 set.

I was going to wait for a trophy drop in 25man but maybe I’ll be dropping the badges early. I still have to hold my place in line for either the back piece off FC or the trinket off Anub in ToC25. Decisions, decisions.

In other news, I manage to find myself a way to make the healing spec work. I’ll attempt to make it pure PvP. For now I have Healbot setup for it but I imagine just from the complexity of the druid (I’m such a n00b) I’ll be looking elsewhere. One of our core healers is a druid and he lives by Healbot, so I think I’ll be seeking his advice on mechanics. I took more time trying to juggle Bartender than I originally had need to cause I didn’t realize how easy it worked with Dual Spec…..duh. Still trying to find perfect button placement……yay.

Last night wasn’t a huge evening. Less than two hours to clean up Ony10 and TotC10, and we went into Uld10 to have some fun. I got my Three Car Garage achievement which I didn’t realize I was one Salvaged Chopper away from it, until it was brought up in vent, so that was cool. Got 25man tonight, and I hoping everyone brings their A+ Game cause I want to see Anub go down tonight if at all possible.

That’s all I got for now. Good Luck in Azeroth. 😀

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