You have my sword……and my Wrath!

So the first part of the holiday massacre is over. Did you get your title….or were you denied it by the turkeys? Did an Orc rogue make it past your defenses? That’s what happened to Fealen, I actually just got too lazy to do anymore dailies for the Turkey Shooter, and so followed the consequence.

This holiday wasn’t needed for the drake anyway so I’m not heart broken, thought I think Fealen might be for he didn’t get his turkey pet. Next year, a whole week to find an Orc and Belf rogue.

I’ve had two things on my mind this weekend while I was mostly AFK for Thanksgiving stuff. The first is a no-brainer: I want sooooooo badly to sick my Treants on Arthas. I want to Wrath spam him until his face is green. The image that is playing through my mind right now is Fealen giving the Lich King’s corpse a thorough tea-bagging.

I’m not stoked for all the gear upgrades, sure the lore is getting me a bit amped…but watching Arthas fall will be a defining moment in WoW for me. I watched a fan-made 3.3 preview video last night that started the fire inside. Take a look yourself *here* I was explaining to the significant other as I watched this that if she thought raid nights were bad now, wait until Arthas and his buddy Ner’zhul make the grand entrance.

We stood by Saurfang and Garrosh in Warsong Hold as they devised a plan of attack; we helped retake Undercity when it was over-run at the same time that Wrathgate was happening. All those times that Arthas rubbed it in our faces throughout Northrend that we shall fail against him, it all comes down to this: Arthas vs. Mankind (and Blood Elves I guess).

 The second thing: The talk of all this blood shed has made me feel I need to balance it out with talk of love and care…..hmmm. Winter Veil is on its way again. Two weeks from today major cities will take the form of Whoville. Fealen is still working on his Merrymaker title. He needs his Winter Hat, more Handful of Snowflakes and his damned PvP achievement.

Should be an easy adventure: The hat drops from a few easy dungeon bosses, the snowflakes if I remember right come from Innkeepers and the PvP achievement will be easy in WG. The event lasts from the 15th of December through January 2nd of next year. It’s ample time to just wade through the achievements and it will fill the time while we are waiting for Arthas.

Tonight is suppose to be Fealen’s night to raid, can never tell week to week. 10-man group goes in tonight: Onyxia, TotC and hopefully TotGC. I also plan to jump on the PTR and do some of the Quel’dar stuff as well as run the new heroics. Getting a really good feel for them, they bring the whole Arthas thing right into your backyard. Added that the dungeon finder tool seems to do a really good job of matching people based on gear, it makes one-shotting heroics easy.

 Hopefully I’ll be able to bless you guys with good stories tomorrow.

 Down with Arthas!

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