Back by popular demand…….well….just demand…..

So the hiatus is over, my muse has been roused out of bed, and like Rip van Winkle, a lot has happened since I went away. I’m not sure where to start, best be where I ended as to not confuse anyone.

My last post was about my hatred for Arthas, very much still implanted in my head thou, the task of getting to him is getting to be quite a problem. (Luring him out with cupcakes has been deemed useless) Thou Arthas still holds onto his throne the guild has been beating the pulp out of the first 5-6 bosses in ICC possibly diminishing some reinforcements under the Lich King’s command (imagine if it were like AV…. hmmm, Blizz, listen up). Fealen has been getting some gear and I have seen a nice increase in his damage over the course of updating his swagger. Coagulater basically geared up overnight with the help of the Random Dungeon Finder. All this has been quite a ride, and from what I’ve seen coming up it will only get better.

Now my return wasn’t a push of my own doing, I had some help from a blogger who I’ve been reading for some time now. Miss Medicina had a post offering to give some direction about blogs in the tune of advice. I couldn’t say “No”. I’ve been introduced to Blog Azeroth, set up a twitter with the sole purpose of being active in blogging, even threw together an email address to pull my personal life from my WoW life. I hope this massive spread of pushing my blog will help attract some readers and help me get into the community, which is my ultimate goal.

Along side playing Fealen and Coagulater I have been dishing out some harm with a mid-range Ret Pally in BG’s, and BG’s only. She has become my little punching bag when raiding or farming, or even RL gets in my way. I’ll surely be bringing her into the limelight a bit sometime later as her personality is part of me.

I’d like to welcome you all back to my little world, I’d like to thank Miss Medicina for sparking the muse again, and I hope everyone is safe in Azeroth (You never know who is lurking underground *Queue up Deathwing on the keyboard!*)

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  1. Welcome back. I’ll be posting more too, as long as I have a little push every now and again. Wink wink.

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