I get so focused I forget what I was focusing on…..

Sometimes you need to lay down

Guildies down second boss in UK with a wipe

The Random Dungeon Finder has become a necessary evil. For the most part the significant other and I have had a good time with it. The few bad apples we’ve been graced by have done nothing but taught me something on the way out, like a moral at the end of a movie. In the grand scheme of things it put one majoring factor in my head: Awareness. Such a simple context, but the cause of most of my bad instances, at least the lack of it being the issue.

Healing heroics requires quite a bit of awareness; I generally spend more time watching what’s going on around me then healing (Renew + PoM trivialize dungeons). This allows me to analyze and predict when a player is going to take damage, or if a new mob is going to enter the fray. I like having control of my surroundings as much as I can, and I’d expect that other people would feel the same way. I apparently expect too much.

I had a druid tank in one of the runs with the SO beside me who proceeded to pull the whole room with Prince Keleseth (First boss in UK) with the four adds before hand. That’s not what upset me, I could heal it fine. The kicker was that he wasn’t aware that I was the first one in the ice tomb, and then no one broke my ice tomb, then when he died he “publicly” thrashed me in party chat. He even posted the meter that shows incoming damage and incoming heals. Had he noticed that I was encased in a block of ice and didn’t scream at me for not healing him while encased I probably wouldn’t have left group.

My second dungeon awareness issue irks me pretty bad, the reason being that when I’m on Fealen I know that doing what this DPS did on the mage boss in Heroic Nexus can spell trouble. As well know Grand Magus Telestra loves to take her attackers and toss them around on the kite strings of purple, and for the most part it’s a random location. Doing the math you have an approximate 11% chance to be placed in Line-of-sight of the trash pack out her door and to the right. Fate played the caller of death when he placed the boomkin near the door and said player launched off a Starfall. Long story short, in the middle of the boss splitting we had 5 other adds to contend with plus 3 images of a boss. I being the healer caught the flak from the pack when it came in as I was spamming heals on people standing in blizzard and such. That situation could have been easily avoided if the boomkin was aware and not Starfall happy.

I’m not one for speaking up to strangers, it’s easier to leave group then try to justify with asshats as to why there was a wipe (Why is it so hard for people to admit blame?) or why so-and-so died. when it comes to the guild thou I have no problem pointing it out. I’ll admit on Fealen my tunnel vision is extremely zoned in sometimes but I for the most part don’t die to blue flames, spikes or being chased. On Coagulater I do an okay job, I forget my armor isn’t as high as it is on Fealen so I tend to stand closer than I should, or I don’t run away quick enough and die.

Maybe I just have find extreme cases, a Murphy’s law so to speak when it comes to party members being unaware or if this is how it normally goes in pugs and I get the awesome groups more times than not. Have you guys had trouble with awareness, whether it be yourself or a raid member (I can name a few that always die to the same danger), and is better to be focused on your job or be 100% aware of everything around you and moderately focused on your job? What would be the lesser of two evils?

Until next time,

Fealen 😀

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One response to “I get so focused I forget what I was focusing on…..

  1. I for one enjoy watching the jerks die when they have done something stupid. Granted, I’m not the one tasked with the job of healing such morons. I just sick my kitty on things and shoot and avoid nasty things like fire or black-pits-of-death =P

    Great entry babe. ❤

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