Facerolling. Acceptable or Silly?

Revenged killing The Betrayer

20+ 80's going after Illidan. Does he even stand a chance?

Monday night, just because we could, some guildies and friends went into TotC10 and attempted to mangle it beyond belief. We had some up-and-comers from the friend’s guild that were there for test purposes and gearing, but for the most part the DPS was there to attempt to rack up some speed kills. I can’t deliver exact times because since I reinstalled DBM I hadn’t gone to Trial on Fealen, I can tell you that Gormok went down before the second Snobold hit the ground. (He had to be tanked while the worms were out, lol) Icehowl only massive crashed twice, and Jarraxus only spawned each type of add once. We wrecked that place, thoroughly.

Obviously the fact that the DPS was mounted in full 25man ICC gear helped tremendously. I don’t think what we did could have been accomplished without it. We barely spent more than 25minutes in there. After such a night you have too look back and unearth memories of wiping on the bosses over and over again. 10/25 TotC proved to be hard for us. When the coordination was required as opposed to train-rolling bosses and ignoring adds we got stuck. 10man Faction Champs was our wall, the kryptonite that brought us to our knees the most. On 25man I would say Anub caught us off guard with placing importance on Awareness (see what I did there).

WoW.com had a nice 15 minutes of Fame article based around 10man-strict raiding. In it is discussed the world of raiding that is bound only to item levels that are dropped by 10man bosses. The individual they interviewed stated that gear makes a whole lot of difference (not that we didn’t already know that), some 10man guilds PuG into 25man ICC just to get gear to push 10man content down. This seems like a more logical route as you can lose 1-2 DPS in a 25man and still recover from an encounter. You lose even one DPS in 10man and the encounter becomes a game of luck, guaranteed wipe if you lose a tank. Leap into a tier with a little more cushion and then drop down and face roll content, that’s raiding in a nutshell.

With the gear actually making a difference comes into play the never ending argument: “Gear>Skill vs. Skill>Gear”. I’m not going to beat a dead horse too much but my full opinion is that skill emphasizes gear. Someone with all the gear in the world but with no understanding of class mechanics might by luck match the DPS of someone who has half the gear of someone “perfect” at the class. Put both of them in the top tier of gear possible and the skilled person will double the DPS of the ‘dazed and confused’ player, figuring the former was true for equalizing. No matter how much gear you have, flames can still burn you.

With that out of the way, I get where the 10man strict guilds are coming from. When capped with 25man gear, fights are easily trivialized. Thou some guilds require that extra oomph to get through 10man, because in some ways it has a higher learning curve to deal with cause of the lack of cushion you have when mistakes are made. Revenged, as much as I hate to admit it, is one of these guilds. Yet to get all of Plague Wing down in ICC on 10man we are gearing up in 25man (farming first four bosses up to this point) to give us that edge, and it’s perfectly fine in my book. As long as I’m having fun I don’t care that we are padding ourselves or making things trivial, I play to see content….and to see content I have to succeed, and if that means being outfitted in a tier higher than so be it.

But what do I know, I’m just a casual raider…….

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