Hawkeye and Pierce would have been proud….

The game does not frustrate me, glitched boss and instance mechanics do not frustrate me. Concepts that go against the Geneva Convention in Wintergrasp frustrate me. I know the game isn’t real or follows any conduct set forth to balance out war, but I surely found out last night what it was like to heal some battlegrounds as a Holy Priest. I learned a lot about trying to heal in an uncontrolled setting (besides Faction Champs, which actually follows some scripting) where without warning the AGGRO sign can clutter my screen and a few seconds later I’m showing off my fail angel for the world to see.

My campaign of combat healing (totally using that for all PvP healing now) started in this little place called Wintergrasp. A quaint place where there is nice fishing, lots of herbs and a castle with no princess. Plus they have an automatic clean-up crew when blood is shed. While running around in the 2nd raid I found one problem, all my guildies were in the 1st raid. I shut down Healbot, brought up nameplates and click healed with what I could. This wasn’t too hard as I had one of our trees healing near me with some other people.

While healing this group I discovered that Blizzard kind of hates healers. You can tell exactly who is healing without paying attention. Druids are the only trees, holy pallies are the only pally who aren’t running into melee range, shamans have “life beam”, disco’s have “holy barrage” and holy priests are the “the not dark other priest”. For the most part anyone knows can find, target and give chase to a healer without having to sort through people, this frustrates me.

Back to Wintergrasp, I followed this group for quite sometime renewing people and sending out bubbles and flash heal. Never had the issues my guildy had as a tree until I made the signature priest move. I had found someone in my raid by accident when I mis-clicked my “Holy Baseball”. Had the distance not been so long it might not have been an issue but alas that darn thing traveled it’s max distance. Not being in as much of a tunnel vision as I usually am, I was off to the side of the battle with a clear path between me and the Alliance. My AGGRO popup blocked my view of myself and I had to tuck my tail between my legs and run. I survived this time but learned a quick lesson, No Holy Baseballs in Battlegrounds…or not when I’m standing out in the open.

After the free-for-all combat healing the guild got together some people for Strand of the Ancients which was smaller so I decided to pop in do some more combat healing. Less healing to do in that battleground as everyone jumps in vehicles and goes off to kill walls, those not in vehicles generally disperse and do their own thing making healing a risky job, so imagine a holy priest driving a demolisher. Comical really, especially since he is highly attuned in the way of killing non-moving structures. Thou we did lose, me and the tree had some good times holding off 6 alliance from killing us for a good 3 minutes.

After my campaign was over I needed the rest and relaxation, because as a combat healer life does not stop, mechanics aren’t repetitive and your mind can easily forget that you have a life bar as well. I definitely love healing in such settings and I think I’ll set up my priest to become a full-time combat healer with a PvE set just incase it’s needed.

I’d like to know other experiences people have with combat healing, or any niche in BG’s you’ve found (i.e. Flag carriers, perfect defenders, something you do every BG that seems like others aren’t doing it) or even a story about an exceptional BG you’ve been in.

Good Luck in Azeroth!

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