And to the victor go the spoils………..

WSG Begins In 30 Seconds

Comrades prepare to play a little CTF

So this past raid lockout I only did the 25mans, partly cause of a lot of miscommunication amongst officers, which added with partial burnout from scripted encounters left me looking for an outreach. This is where PvP-only alts come in. The alt serves 3 purposes: Banking Toon, Trade Troller and smashing Alliance faces to break monotony. For the most part I have a blast crushing people in the lower level brackets while slowly leveling a character with out the same leveling grind as my previous 2 toons. There have been a few things I’ve picked up on in Warsong and Arathi that make me /facepalm because well the tactics keep being proved useless, but yet everyone continues to follow them 100%.

  • At the beginning of a Warsong Gulch don’t attack any opposing faction (the same idea in the beginning of AV), let them cross unharmed cause the 1-2 people guarding your flag room can handle 6-8 Alliance, especially since they have no healer helping defend the flag.
  • When you are flag carrying make sure you head straight towards the opposing faction, they will be too distracted by the fight for Mid that they won’t care that you have their flag. Furthermore, if possibly stay and fight everyone there, the flag gives you immunity to death and your damage is increased by 100x. (Seriously had a guy once ask to carry just for the damage increase…..he was dead serious)
  • If at all a caster is shooting at you run straight at him and let him to continue firing at you. Line of sighting them is a sign of being a coward, and you can one-shot any caster, even when they out-level you by 9 levels.
  • It’s not official till you cap Stables. Enough said.
  • Always kill damage dealers first, the healers will eventually run out of mana.
  • There is no need to defend Farm, that’s why we hired farmhands to arrive after we cap it. Can’t let hired help go to waste.
  • Never fight near the flag, the closer the opposing faction is to the flag slower we gain resources, right?
  • And my most learned BG tactic:  If we all do our own thing we’ll cover more ground!

These things obviously are to be meant as humorous, but they are all true things that I have come across in the past week or so in the 30-39 brackets as well in a few 40-49 bracket. As I continue to level through the battlegrounds I’m sure I’ll see more, I kind of hope I see better.

Be safe adventurers, keep your hearthstone close. 😀

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