Stat changes, stat changes and stat changes. The entire blogosphere has exploded over the recent spilling of blue posts about the upcoming changes with gear. I’ve been pondering over the last week or so on how to put in my two cents. I couldn’t find a path in which to push this information out without seeming like a broken record for the bloggers. My inspiration finally came from within the heated debates that occur consistently on <Revenged>’s Ventrilo.

Two things came from the conversation; one was a direct statement by our in house suicide shaman, which was that these things aren’t written in stone and are only a layout. It’s for sure the stats are being shredded and picked apart but the effects and to which degree haven’t been divulged yet so it’s all speculation. The second piece is the last time Blizzard gave item stats the guillotine, the crossover was near flawless so what would change it so this time?

I looked at it in perspective of the class I know best, balance druids. This biggest change that I can find is the notion that spirit might turn into hit with talents. In the past few gear changes I’ve opted out of spirit in change for better stat budgeted gear (i.e. Crit, Haste), on top of the fact that Moonkin T10 has no spirit. It’s too early to tell how closely they will look at each piece of gear but unless they do some stat converting into spirit within Patch 4.0 boomkins will be very lop-sided going into Cataclysm. I have faith in Blizzard, so my worries are solely dropped into whether or not I am doomed to always have to fight Tree-healers for gear or if Devs will ever itemize spell leather to pull the DPS and Healers apart more.

While I’m on the topic of future changes, if you haven’t run Gnomer ever go do it! It is going away after the Gnomes take it back. Better yet, go kill gnomes so it can’t be taken back, it’s much more satisfying. Also coming up is the take back of the Echo Isles which as a Tauren/Undead fan I’m neutral to it. Good for them I guess, I hope they have fun rebuilding their home.

Didn’t plan on this one being a big one, I plan to release a weekly column here soon so be watching for it.

Remember kids, be on the defensive when you return from a Random Dungeon; you never know what might have spawned in your spot after you left.


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2 responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes!

  1. Lots of fun changes everywhere for a lot of people =P

  2. Being as my main is a Holy Pally, I’m slightly wierded out by the fact that I may have to pay attention to spirit when Cataclysm hits. If I remember reading right, anywho. Something about it helping with your spellpower mojo (or well, whatever passes for spellpower in Cata…intelligence?).

    As for Gnomer. I’m never going back and will gleefully welcome it’s demise. It’s my most hated instance evar. EVAR.

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