The Next Generation…..

Disclaimer: This subject is kind of a touchy one, and my own opinions in this post are subject to change a bit based on the action of the parites involved but in no way is it an attack nor a defense of either side. It is merely something I’ve noticed and kept my mouth quiet about as an officer, as bias amongst the leaders can create problems within the ranks below. Take this issue with a grain of salt, please. I don’t mean to upset or offend anyone that may be aware of this issue, and I am not directing this post at any parties.

So there is a divide in our guild, one that hasn’t seemed to hurt progression, but one that slices our family a little bit. It’s something that comes up in Officer Chat a lot on raid nights even before the first trash pull. The reason I bring this up is I know that guilds have their cliques, but the reasoning of the clique within us seems like totally dysfunctional reasoning to me.

“Kids” is what is seen in the chat when they are being referenced. Granted that is what they are, but some nights it seems like no matter how good they do or if they are actually correct about something, it just isn’t good enough and the point is deemed invalid. The age range within our guild is huge, and the ones being named are the lower ranged ones. I’d say they are between 14 and 18, and they act their age for the most part.

What sets me off about this whole thing is they are some of the highest DPS we have, they know their classes to the bones, they flask for every raid when they can afford it, they are some of the most loyal people we have in the guild and they are there if you ask for help (sometimes instantaneously). Yet they are being called out for two things, talking in vent, which is an expected no-no when a fight is going on AND talking on vent all the time. Now the first one I can understand, that is something that is expected as a raider. The second one is uncalled for. At the same time they are being persecuted when they make a mistake as if they are the only ones who make mistakes.

Some people in the guild take aggression towards them which in turn causes more stress because there is hostility now in the raid. (Haven’t seen evidence of this effecting performance thou) And this is where the split happens, those that show the aggression put those that don’t in between a rock and a hard place; on top of that the Guild Leader is obviously having a hard time catering to those upset and maintaining members that contribute in areas that we need (like a 25man roster).

I try to see the positives in people: they bring high DPS, they are loyal, they want to see the guild go further (from what I can tell), and they help when you ask for it (either by linking professions or grouping for the daily/weekly). As an officer I try to take this positive outlook and apply it to an unbiased look at everyone. I’m not going toot my own horn, but I play the good cop when it comes to the officers. I’m the type that whispers parties and try to hatch out a compromise for better behavior, or inquire about why someone did something. I see positive reinforcement works better than hitting the “kids” with anger bat, cause as we are/were all kids at one point in time and I know they feed off from it.

I assume all guilds have this issue, there are members that are/act younger than everyone else and they generally get frowned upon just for that one reason, and aren’t praised for what they do positively. How does it affect member relations? Does it effect progression? At what point do cases like this get out of hand?

Is it too much to ask everyone to get along?


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  1. I’d say that you might want to post a very basic “general reminder” on the guild website about vent behavior: Keeping channel clear during boss fights and “taking it to another channel” if you’re going to have a protracted chat with another person that doesn’t affect the rest of the group. Make sure to have plenty of channels to do this.

    • It’s an unspoken rule about vent, and for the most part everyone follows. Some people hand out un-needed information like a DPS telling everyone he died or some exclaiming crits/dps numbers.

      It also only applies to 25 which can be hard to control as we are learning more and more every week due to it’s size (I can’t imagine 40mans). When we do 10man’s the vent isnt an issue. We have like 15 channels setup so we can often hide in one.

      • Eh, I’d cut them slack on the “DPS is dead” comment because, hey, sometimes it does matter.

        However, if you don’t allow meter spam in guild chat, then you can come down like a brick on that behavior in vent.

        • From a raider standpoint: I have no interest that someone died unless the GL says “Brez so-an-so” and it shows up in my raid frames so I know they died.

          Officer standpoint: The healers are tuned machines, if someone dies they know, they’ll inform who ever needs to know. I have to trust them.

      • Another option… use global mute in 25’s, and only have the raid leader, the tanks, and the healing lead unmuted.

        • Well individually a bunch of people have been spotting the talkers and muting them (guilty as charged), but I treat all people with the same level of reasoning. Officer or not, if I feel the need to mute them they get it for a raid or two besides tanks, healers and then a few people that are ALWAYS aware.

          Some people are muting just based off the age range, thats what I have an issue with.

  2. I think you are very justified in thinking what you have expressed in this entry. There is a lot of hostility in our guild towards those who aren’t exactly the way other people think they should be. Unfortunately your playing ‘good cop’ makes others see you as ‘being a douche’ and that you are only finding a reason to complain on vent to them. I think you were in the right to stand up for the mini-guildies. While others may think you were a jerk for stating your mind about it (if that is indeed what happened, though I am sure i will be filled in soon) I think you will always have the gratitude from those you stood up for.

    • I say I play “good cop” because while having my pet peeves and sometimes enacting on them ‘in the moment’, I always resort back to my philosophy: “Everyone is human” Simple, I don’t hold grudges cause I expect these kinds of things. (Pessimistic, I know)On top of that, being hostile is not a good enviroment and does not promote openiness within the guild. On top of it, I’m an officer, whether I want to deal with some issues or not they eventually come my way and I have to cope with being unbiased when it’s hard not to be.

      *Edit for spelling*

  3. Openness** (no i, :-P)

    I know that is what you are like and how you think. But Other people don’t or just don’t care. Not that you really care what they think. I do admire your frustration at people muting other people just based on age. I think it is childish of those individuals to do such a thing and maybe they should rethink they way they act/speak before judging someone else on age. I know a few of the people in out guild who act 10 rather than their 20-40y/o selves so their judging of the mini-guildies is unjust imo. Anywho. I have plenty about our guild to rant about, but I wont do it via comments.

  4. I have said it before I will say it again, we all play this game enough to chat with people at other times other then in 25 man raids. whether your 12, 26, 37, or 80 years old a 25 man raid is not the place for mindless BS. It is so hard to organize one of these and get enough done in the small 3 hour window we have.
    This is end game raiding and yes Blizzard made it easier for everyone to get involved but their are still limits to what is acceptable, I prefer a little professionalism in my raids mixed with a tinge of lightheartedness.

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