RNG, Eclipse and other things Boomkin’s loathe


Red Newts Gurgle…

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Raging Nerd Galled…..

Random Number Generator is the phrase I’m looking for. Well not necessarily “looking” for it, but it was my phrase in which I ventured after. It is a nasty phrase, which is all too often thrown into the WoW world as an excuse on why something doesn’t seem to be working correctly. The phrase is attached to mob drops, boss encounters, PvP battles and player damage; just to name a few. It is a special ‘stat’ that players can’t control, and if they do Blizz sends them a special package.

Let me give you a little light into what RNG is in the simplest terms I can fathom. Suppose you are farming a mob to drop an item of some sorts, and Wowhead puts the item at an average 33% drop rate. So for every 3 mobs you slaughter you should have 1 of said item. That is the basic math, but it is not RNG math. The chance of a mob dropping an item does not increase with the amount of times a mob is slaughtered; the chance is applied to each individual kill. So let’s say you kill said mob twice with no luck, the third kill is not promised to drop what you want. A picture for the word problem impaired:The perfcent never f@&king changes....

Even a fourth kill doesn’t guarantee a drop, but at that point it’s just messing with you.

I’m not doing an insane rant; there is a point to my ramblings. I have an unrivaled hate for this RNG and if I ever met him in real life I would put him in his grave. (If RNG was on my side…..hmmm) As you know my main is a Druid, and he is of the Balance sect. In the tree of Balance there is a talent that makes ‘random’ a cringe worthy word, and will strike fear into the hearts of those afraid of inconsistency. Eclipse has an ugly way of showing its worst at the right time, and it is entirely caused by RNG.

Fellow chickens know exactly what I’m talking about, but if you aren’t a fellow chicken then let me bring you to my usual emotional state: You are being a happy chicken and giving the boss the normal pewpew when the raid leader calls for bloodlust. (YAY!) So you pop your better used trinket and fire away. Sure you have an increase in damage, but bloodlust is active for quite a long time, imagine going the entire bloodlust without your talent proc’ing off crits, that gives you a 2-3k DPS increase within a matter of 15seconds. Want even more emotion; imagine going to Patchwerk (for the point of a prime sit-and-cast environment) one week and pushing 10k. Awesome! Now imagine going in next week with the exact same raid and all factors the same (all variables thrown out the window) and only doing 7k. This folks is what I deal with week to week.

This type of issue as been covered by Wow.com, Graylo and probably there’s a forum all about it somewhere, all discussing the math and clunkiness with the talent. I’m not much into theorycrafting when it comes down to the numbers, and my opinion on the talent is that it needs a little love and caring or boomkins need to be situated to scale better with gear to cushion our DPS loss. From what I can tell the gear scale might be a better route to go with the upcoming gear reset, as reworking a talent that is broken has a 50% of becoming worse, and that is a RNG factor I don’t want to play with.

I’m not sure how many other Boomkins read my blog but I’d like to know how others feel; only a small chunk of the community of announced their ideas and emotions on it publicly. Even non-boomkins, do you see your feather friends having an issue?

Tip: When someone does a /follow on you in Dalaran; take them to the sewer exit, get on your flying mount and slowly leave via the opening. It’s a lot of fun to watch them plummet to their death.

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One response to “RNG, Eclipse and other things Boomkin’s loathe

  1. You’re a twit. And yes, you do often have insane rants even if you don’t display them in you blog. I don’t know a lot about boomkins so I can’t truly comment on it. I can, however, being your girlfriend, say that YOU are really frustrating to be around when things described in this post occur. You get rather irate and dislike anyone speaking to you for several minutes. If every one that has said issues gets as cranky as you do when it happens.. then it must be fixed!

    As for your tip: I intend to do so still. It just hasn’t happened again so I could :-p

    ❤ /love /kiss

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