Shared Topic: Blog Link in Armory?

First things first: My new favorite blog to read came to very surprising stop today. Crankyhealer stopped posting today, and while she had her reasons for leaving she’ll be missed in the blog scene. I hope she still makes a well known appearance in SAN as I loved the conversations with her. If only I had someother way of contacting her my blog-heart would be satisfied.

And on to the meat and potatoes of the post…

This is my first stab at answering the call of Blog Azeroth’s Shared Topic, and luckly it’s something that I have a pretty distinct opinion on. This week’s topic comes from Anea @ Oh look, an Alt, and she asks:

If you were given the option, would you post a link to your blog on your main’s Armory profile? Why or why not?

It seems like it would be a good idea, allowing insight within the mind of yourself to help you justify and promote ideas that you have. I, for example, always have an opinion on matters and likes to choose when and where to vent about stuff that at the time would be petty and childish to bring forth (i.e. loot drama or raid spot discrepancies). On top of all that, would you really want to allow someone whom you have a bad pug with come to your turf and then precede to flame or call you out on a matter that you’d prefer just be left alone.

There’s been a lot of discussion on anonymity when it comes to blogging about your guilds affairs lately. Some have had bad outcomes while others seem to have a welcoming ground to post their opinions without fear of ridicule. The latter of the two is what I believe to be the safer of the root because those people promote their blog within the guild and know (for the most part) who is reading it. The audience is defined. The same applies to me, I know where I promote my blog, and I can generally tell who is reading it. The added frustrations that would crop up from people that have a discontent with my actions in-game being given a platform to troll, it would be a much unwanted thing.

So for the TLDR crowd: I would not put my link in the Armory. It would be asking for trouble and trolling. I like knowing who is posting, because I like the community feeling.

So long till next time!

Tip: Gamon drops Artifact weapons at a .000000001% drop rate. Kill him every time he is up.

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