The More You Know…… (Blogging Etiquette)

Disclaimer: Without mentioning names, bloggers are still going to be able to figure out who and where this post was inspired from. Making it clear up front that this post isn’t meant to flame, nor does it endorse the ideas of the parties included in the situation. I am merely trying to tie a community together again by throwing basics back into the mix. These are my opinions of how to present ones self, while remembering that we are all just humans.

Although the issues that have arisen aren’t of the guild politics nature I’m going to start by referencing Larisa’s post about how posting about your guild can cause a stir.

           “Suppose that you didn’t blog yourself, but had a vocal, well known blogger with a high profile and a lot of readers in your guild. How would you react to see your person discussed publicly in somewhat negative terms, and you didn’t have any means of defending yourself?”

 With that quote I’m going to pull another as it relates to what I’m going to say.

 “The more successful a blog becomes, the more do those issues matter.”

 This spoken in context to being responsible for what you write and think through to what may come once you put the words on the web for the world to see.

 What Larisa was talking about and what I’m trying to get at is the use of a high traffic public stage isn’t probably the best place to put a negative limelight on someone. These people can be either: a) offending you to the point you judge them without the facts or b) making an attack on you for something you did. Both reasons for posting can only spell trouble, and admit it; you aren’t blogging because you want everyone to dislike you. You have a blog because you want to share your thoughts and opinions with the world, in a hopefully safe environment.

 This is where “being human” comes into the picture. As we’ve all learned, the people within World of Warcraft are sometimes dicks. Those people earn the reputation based on their actions, and sometimes on their (lack of) knowledge. This is what separates those types from the people that blog. Being in the blog-o-sphere for a good amount of time now has allowed me to notice that those who blog generally seem more mature and better educated about things. Sure, the persona that one presents in a blog can come off as childish, but the content that one chooses to write about defines the person in my eyes. If someone constantly whines about drama and ninjas, that person gets the childish stamp, but if someone posts with constructive criticism on an aspect of the game then they get the mature stamp. Being responsible for your image is included in being responsible for what you post.

Sometimes people post things that don’t have an ounce of offensive material in their eyes, and good intentions are sometimes brought from misinformed. This is okay, as long as they are corrected in gentle manner. We can’t write someone off for something they don’t know is an issue, people make mistakes. On the other side of the spectrum people often post about something in a harsh manner, and those people need to be dealt with in the same manner. Being gentle goes a long way in establishing a “community”, and that’s what we as bloggers are trying to do, at least that is my intention is. Being “gentle” doesn’t mean you can’t feel infuriated about something, it only means you should do two things before posting a rebuttal:

 1) Take a breath, step back and calm down

2) Remember that everyone has a different experience with the game and unless they mention it, no malice is generally done on purpose.

 Also with being gentle and responsible, within and for your writing, you should do your research. It will save you a lot less hassle and a bunch more edits if you do your homework about a subject. Maybe the piece you are writing would offend somebody, you’d be unaware if you didn’t seek out the parties that could be unhinged before writing about it. Maybe you’re pointing fingers at the wrong person just because they are the source from which you heard about something. Blogging with a clear head cuts out the high-schoolesque backstabbing, I would hope most writers are above that.

 Just so I’m out in the open with my thoughts on the matters that drove me to write this post, and so no one can assume I’ve picked a side and am backing one or the other here is my view: The original poster, though had good intentions, should have looked towards the people that participate in such manner before making such an idea and posting about it. The person who responded could have been gentler or could have refrained from using names and groups, not knowing the facts. Both parties could have reacted differently once the drama broke if the initial outbursts couldn’t be avoided. I know each party has the right to post what they want in their blog, but being gentle and responsible comes with having a well-known blog.

 Any comments that condone or condemn any parties will be deleted. Constructive comments only, if any.

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