Blood Council Realizations (or “My Guild Leader Hates Me”)

So Thursday night <Revenged> went in on 10man and tried to give Blood Council a much deserved trip to the grave. I did say “tried”, they proved to be more than what we could handle for the night. Unfortunately I wasn’t in the screenshot mindset so I’ll just have to have you guys use your imagination. The damage meters weren’t something to be proud of either due to the fact that I wasn’t on them. For the entire night I had close to 1000 absorbs of Wrath, alone. If you know the fight then the explanation isn’t needed, but for those of you who haven’t ventured in let me explain.

During Blood Council there are these pretty white orbs, they reminded me of the New Year’s Ball. They will spawn when the Team Captain for Blood Council yells “My cup run’eth over!” thank Blizzard for audible cues. This ball spawns like 20-30 yds in the air, and it is very easy to spot as it is the only orb in the fight that high up. To give you a small laugh these orbs only have a 1000 health, but you’ll never be able to kill them. Here’s the tool tip:

Summons a Kinetic Bomb. The bomb drifts toward the ground and explodes on contact. Direct damage is absorbed by the bomb and converted into energy, propelling the bomb higher in the air with each hit.

This is why I had close to 1000 absorbs on the BC fight, I was….orbkin. I was basically an add controller or a specialty fighter. The latter has a better ring to it. I only had two jobs to do; be aware of my surroundings and keep the orbs in the air. It became a really fun game of “Keep’em ups”, you know the game where you keep a soccer ball in the air for as long as you can. That’s the analogy I came to derive from it.

So as I pummeled the orbs high into the air, and watched them bug out on the floor and explode 30seconds later (WTF wall orb?) I came to realize that throughout raiding with <Revenged> I have become a bit of a niche raider, I have become the “….you control adds” guy. For the most part I realize that my utility allows a level of success when it comes to these jobs, but my mind can only fathom that our guild leader loves to watch me panic (and die…a lot). I guess I’ll have to take the tumble into “The Past” and fill you in on what crazy things my GL has made me do. Keep in mind, I’m a Boomkin….I’m suppose to DPS. *These are in no particular order*

“Fealen, when Tenebron drops, go into Bear, taunt him, and then run away” Yes, this has to be not only my most frustrating specialty job I’ve ever been assigned, but also the most hilarious when it came to watching the raid freak out when a dragon is gobbling them up with the “Release spirit” button above me. This was when we were attempting Sarth + 3 as a guild, and we were looking for a way to pull the arcane breath off of the tank. Needless to say, when it was my job to pull the dragon…..we died.

“Fealen, root Darnavan at the bottom of the stairs” This has got to be the one specialty job that I feel gives the most contribution to our success. The weekly raid quest in ICC for Lady Deathwhisper provides me with a sometimes aggravating, mostly simple job. If you don’t know the weekly, the general premise is to NOT kill a named mob in the packs that spawn on the side of the room. The only way to guarantee this doesn’t happen is to CC him off to the side out of harms way. So a tank will pull him out of the packs and bring him to the stairs for me to root in place where I’ll happily sit (without Nibelung….grrr grumble grumble) and keep him cuddled with me and keep myself healed. The reason I say this contributes the most is because if Darnavan gets loose he whirlwinds, fears and can 2-shot clothies. 10man he is cake, 25man can be accustomed to the “RNG Mind-Control Wipe” so the other druids have to be ready. For the most part this is the safest and most fun I have. I get to watch the fight, rather than fear that a mob kills me.

“Fealen, why don’t you put on your healing gear” I hear this rarely, the most recent was the Dreamwalker10 progression kill. Thou I do some PvP healing in BG’s, PvE healing is very weird to me on Fealen. The very idea that I have to keep my raid members alive with a makeshift gear set and PvP inspired healing spec is kind of scary. The kill we had only presented me with 10% of the heals, and I never went in the portals but it took a little hardship off the people healing Val. Totally out of my comfort zone.

I can’t remember the countless times when we were running BC Heroics that we’d go in with a weird group comp (back than, any group with a Boomkin was a weird group comp) I’d always be the one doing weird stuff. I guess I’m made for the odd jobs, not just my class mind you, but also as a player. I like to think outside the box and enjoy trying to problem solve within the moment. I’ve had to adapt, my GL keeps trying to kill me….

What I’d like to know from my readers is “What fights do you find to be fun, in the aspect that YOU get to do something different than just ‘pew pew’ the boss?” or maybe what kind of raid fights do you feel more accomplished on than others due to the mechanics? We all like to feel special….what makes you feel special?

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  1. This syndrome would be at least 25% of the reason I retired my hunter. The contrast between standing there and shooting the boss and variations on “Jumuuji, for this fight I want you to walk on your hands and ring a bell every fifteen seconds” was too much for me.

    With tanking, I get to experience being in control of win-or-wipe aspects of the fight without anything getting too TOO esoteric, and mostly get to sit there doing my thing and watch the fight and call stuff out. Ask me again after we get to Putricide, though, I kind of want to fight my co-tank for the privilege of driving the abom.

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