The Patch: Ruffled Feathers

So last night was “New Patch Confusion Afternoon”. This is when Blizzard decides to drop a patch and everyone in my guild defers from reading patch notes and the same questions get asked in GChat and Ventrilo. Every 10 seconds we’d hear one of the following:

“Where is the Orb vendor?”

“Why can’t I see the magic carpet pattern?”

“Is the Ruby Sanctum out yet?”

“Did they nerf pally AoE threat?”

“Why did I get mail saying I received emblems?”

“How do I get in a random battleground”

RIP MY HAIR OUT AND SLAM FACE ON KEYBOARD!!! Hmph! Here goes the answers to the questions: the orb vendor guy is to the left of the anvil in dalaran flying on a carpet and only tailors can see the pattern and the ruby sanctum is slotted to appear in patch three point five and the pally aoe threat nerf is a change coming in the patch prior to cataclysm as predicted to date and you got that mail as part of a roll out to help casuals that reach eighty and don’t understand badge gear and you get into a battleground by going to the honor screen then clicking the battleground tab and click random battleground. *Breathe*

Sorry for wall of text, the “Can’t read patch notes like a school age child” syndrome really kills me sometimes. I assure you my pain is not over, some people will be asking the same questions for the next week or so…..bleh.

The heart of the patch notes for me was the buff to Starfall, not that I was biting my nails in anticipation because I really wasn’t. Starfall is a spell that I hate and love depending on the fight. My hate for it was backed up by the fact that it barely did any damage, for an end-tree talent it out right sucked. So last night in ICC25 I kept my IS glyph in until I could see the change in damage from stars, and then change for ICC10 if I felt I needed to. Well, Blizzard, I have to tell you I am thoroughly impressed, and I shall click my Starfall button every 60 seconds. I wish I had kept some damage parses from pre-patch so I could put the numbers in perspective, I’ll go from memory thou:

Old Stars: 150-250 (350+ critical) ——–>  New Stars: 1.9k-2.5k (3.7k-4.2k critical)

Again this is just from memory so the accounts of what the numbers were are stemming from only what I noticed as I was trying to blow stuff up. From those numbers I definitely pulled IS out of my glyphs and put in Starfall glyph as recommended by Graylo. () On top of that I tried the “Only using IS when it’s the only thing to cast” sort of deal, it worked, and I saw a dps increase.

I’ve been heavily thinking lately of grabbing WoL or something to log combat for our ICC’s (10/25) so we have some benchmarks to work with as a guild. Last night the GL had the wind knocked out of him by the perfect execution of our 25man team, we’ve been given access to Rotface finally, and I feel a kill coming.

And for your pleasure, here is some screenshots of what happens if you jump through the back of the Alliance airship when it runs away from defeat. Enjoy!

Tip: Read Patch Notes!



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2 responses to “The Patch: Ruffled Feathers

  1. vexis58

    My favorite part of the patch notes was the part where it said most glyph recipes that used to require 2 inks now only require 1 =) My new scribe was stuck on leveling because the only glyphs I could craft that would give me skillups would make me lose money because they cost 2 inks instead of 1.

    That and the fact that Thunder Clap is a ranged attack now, instead of a spell. I hope this means I can use it when I’m silenced. Only one way to find out!

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