This Is The Week……

Good feelings.

We all get them once in awhile, about different things.

Some people have a pre-raid ritual that is a good luck charm for downing bosses.

Last night I didn’t have a good feeling and I didn’t hear the BEP’s “I’ve Got a Feeling” on the radio all day. So to say I went into 10man ICC last night with amazing expectations would be a potential lie.

Prof. Putricide is a lot of things, but more importantly he isn’t a giant huggable bear. (Thou in Phase 3 he turns into Quasimodo, who is kind of huggable) He had the upper-hand on us last night; a tank MIA, we were running 40 minutes late, our GL had to use his pally to tank (we love his shammy heals more). So the motivation to kill him was getting lost in the mix at first. 3-4 attempts later we pushed him into phase 3 and it was all over. *Putricide Down!*

Progression, it was in our mind at that point. Princes were easy compared to PP, so easy that we took 3 shots at them and gave them a floor nap. When we got to Blood Queen our GL gave us a good motivating one-liner: “Do you realize after this boss its two bosses to get to the Lich King?” How much more motivation do you need? After BPC was downed it had now occurred that we are 8/12 in ICC10, this got me excited again, about everything I had been shooting for when 3.3 was dropped on us. Now it’s just momentum, motivation is a by-product.

We have 5 nights which we can use towards the last four bosses in Icecrown, and let me tell you something, we are going to try our hardest to push it. In pure honesty if we don’t pick up on this momentum and try to go with it now, the ball might be dropped. That’s something I’d hate to see.

I had good responses stating that if we push up-to Sindragosa, the raid ID should be extended, being that close and losing 1-2 nights (even 3 if it goes like this week) to just clear up into Frost Wing would be ludicrous! So my fellow readers, here’s Fealen’s announcement:


Tip: V-Targeting works really well into multi-mob fights, Shift-V-Targeting not so much.

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  1. Congratulations babe! I know how happy you were about getting the next boss down. Tons of love! ❤

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