I wouldn’t say I’m as good as John Travolta, but I believe I am close to perfecting Disco.

Long title, I had to….

I’ve been learning how to Disco a lot lately, evening running Heroics past my Frost Emblem giving ones. I think I have it down, but as always there’s things one will do on their own that people that have been doing it for awhile will find fault with. So I’m going to tell everyone how I Disco and you can tell me either to “L2P” or “Urdo’inrite”. *Starts Vinyl* Queue Boogie Nights:


Coagulater's Disco Spec

As you can see I have a typical Discipline Priest build. This is the same spec that Miss Medicina has so I’m almost 100% sure it’s a good spec for people learning and those who are attuned in the way of bubbling.

I have 2 new spells that I recieve by going this route that differ from Holy. They are Pain Suppression and Inner Focus. I have yet to use them, or understand where to use them. I think it’s that kind of thing that comes with experience. I’m still learning….at least it feels like I am.

All the next stuff is anecdotal learning, sort of the “This happened, I tried this, it worked,ย  I continue to do it that way”. It’s the bull rush, blind-sided type learning which is not for sky-divers nor little priests in the RDF with PuGs…haha.

Lesson One: Before a pull do a check list! Is the tank PoM’d? Is the tank Renewed? Is Renewed Hope up? Are all Weakened Soul cooldowns up? If one isn’t up is those that aren’t up Renewed? This all assuming everyone starts the pull at full health. Tank Pull!

Lesson Two: In the few seconds that the tank is establishing threat be watchful of everyone on your healing add-on, pay close attention to those who draw aggro. If they light up red bubble them, reduce any damage you might have to heal as the fight goes on. I’ve also found in that time frame that a bubble and penance on the Tank will be enough for the first few seconds of the fight, and slap on a Renew as it falls off. These first few seconds in a pull set the rhythm for the rest of the combat, start smooth = end smooth.

Lesson Three: Always always always watch your cooldowns. When a penance would have been perfect and you used Flash Heal…..that’s why you wiped. You let Renewed Hope fall? 3% Damage may not be much but it adds up. You didn’t recast a bubble when Weakened Soul fell from the trigger happy DPS? Would have saved a half productive group member…..I see why you didn’t. ย  ๐Ÿ˜›

Tips & Tricks:

Bubble, bubble, bubble…..what next…oh yea…..BUBBLE!

PoM, PoM, PoM.

Chaos Erupts: Bubble > Borrowed Hope Penance > Penance > Borrowed Hope Flash Heal > Borrowed Hope Greater Heal > Flash Heal > Greater Heal

That’s Coagulater’s Disco run down. As you can see I left out Pain Suppression, Inner Focus, Hymn of Hope and Divine Hymn as these are situational and still not implanted in my brain as USE USE USE kind of spells.

Definitely looking for feedback on this, I’d like to be raid viable once I start getting my gear up-to-par for ICC25.

Tip: Jump south of the Temple of Storms in Stormpeaks, cast Levitate, enjoy the view.


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7 responses to “I wouldn’t say I’m as good as John Travolta, but I believe I am close to perfecting Disco.

  1. (Ah, it wouldn’t let me comment unless I was logged in to wordpress. Just fyi.)

    It sounds like you’re doing things exactly right. Pre-bubbling someone when they grab aggro is excellent thinking that most new discos miss. I’d say that if you have the mana, it doesn’t hurt to bubble the melee, especially if you’re looking for someone to bubble to get borrowed time, renewed hope, etc.

    Inner focus – I generally macro this with POH and D.Hymn. If you hit POH as a disco, it means that there are some serious problems going on with your aggromonkey group. So it makes sense that you macro your “freebie” onto this – because it’s mana hoggy, but also because you get extra crits, which means extra Divine Aegis on multiple targets. Hell yeah, right? Macro in a power infusion while you’re at it with a [target=Fealen] in it. Power infusion is for ME. You sissy mages back the hell off.

    Now as for “when is penance off cooldown,” there are several ways to watch this. I use power auras to show me when it’s off CD, but you could also use a cooldown timer such as cool line (cooline? coolline?) or Forte, or a scrolling battle text like Mik’s.

    Pain Suppression – believe it or not, the aggro reduction is insignificant. If your tank has been whackin on the mob for more than 20 sec, this is a good thing to use. Think of it as external shield wall. Decreases damage taken by some ungodly percent for how long? Yes please! This is something in a raid that you want to coordinate with other healers – so you don’t all blow your cooldowns at once. (Example: use on Festergut 3 inhales, or in a situation where the raid gets incapacitated, like Maexxna, and the tank has to survive without heals for a few seconds.)

    Hymn of Hope – I tend to use this on multi-phase fights when there’s a “break” in the action but you don’t drop combat (Northrend Beasts). Otherwise, you really don’t have 6-8 seconds to just be standing there channeling stuff. Use your shadowfRiend!

    Divine Hymn – this is AWESOME for “situations”. When you get familiar with encounters, you will start thinking to yourself “oh save D. Hymn for…”. Example: Toc-5, last phase of evil black knight. He turns into a ghost and starts bashing on everyone. Your pitiful little disc POH’s aren’t doing much. So you whip out the D. Hymn. If, by the end of the channel, the ghost isn’t dead, your dps is lame and you mock them. (Another use: post-decimate on Precious/Stinky.)

    • Yay! I missed you! ๐Ÿ˜€ And I researched and fixed the comment issue, apparently WordPress.com likes to hide such things.

      And as for all your tips, much appreciated, was unaware that you had a Disc Priest, always that you were a Tree girl…..hmmm, I need to get to know people better. I use OmniCC and what not to give me nice BIG numbers in my CD boxes and it helps, I’m still trying to figure out where to place my Healing Raid Frames so it’s the most comfortable for me. It changes from day to day so any other Add-ons on my screen would cause 3-4 hours of fixing…lol.

      Off-topic: Are you coming back to SAN at all? You are missed….

      • Ah yes, the (first holy then) disc priest was my main for most of WOTLK. I only switched to the tree in 3.3 after some horrible mimiron experiences. I’m recently breaking the priest out of retirement lately to have an alt. (My main in BC was a healing shaman incidentally – so the only healing class where I’m clueless is Pally.)

        I put my healing raid frames right under my feet… and yeah, I hear ya about the fixing. I have my screen set up to do healing and dps without moving anything around…

        I loved hanging out in SAN and chatting, but I just don’t have TIME lately to hold together a guild and raid and piddle around in SAN. Maybe the guild will fall apart on its own despite my presence, but I’ll feel guilty if it does and I was AWOL chattin it up on SAN.

        • Holy then Disc as well…..lol. Is that how it always happens.

          I had my frames under my feet….I’ve put them to the right of my toon…..I had them on the VERY bottom of the screen…..rhkjhgrfklg…..maybe I should make healbot my whole screen…..lol.

          TIME is a killer, I hear ya. I hope your guild doesn’t fall apart. I havent had the unfortunate situation of being around for such a thing, but I can imagine it’s stressful. I hope the best for ya. Maybe I’ll kick up a toon on your server and we can theorycraft Priests and druids…. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Tam

    I, too, am a disco priest with L-plates, so I don’t have anything useful to say except to hi-five a fellow healer ๐Ÿ™‚ My weakness tends to be weakened soul tracking, boo.

    My spec is weird – I have the same spread in the disc tree – because that’s pretty much undebatable – but I’m always moving our the points in the holy tree, trying to find the optimum place to put them. Sigh.

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