Just a quick update, and my dragon love!

Friends Die together

Fealen and Gurhulk. We always die together.

Let me see, let me see. My last update was just a screenshot of the “Twlight Gang” before we put them back in their coffins for the first time. We had momentum in 25man last week, well…enough momentum to get the guilds first kill on Festergut. We are taking steps in the right direction, thou now we need to look at taking down the 25% barrier on Rotface. I think we need higher sustained DPS, and we need to push understanding of “Slime in face = face on floor”, those are our keys to unlock Rotface Loot.

Our 10man didn’t accomplish much this past lockout, which is fine. We currently have a core piece of it missing, our resident tree, so progress has been a little less than what I would have liked to see. We did the Lower Spire as usual, revived Valithria and had fun in the Spider Room, then met the scary dragon from the login screen. Sindagosa, as tactical and unforgiving as the fight is, its fun! I love it, unconditionally. Here’s why:

  • It’s THE Dragon! Sindragosa is to the Lich King what Silver is to the Lone Ranger. The lore in the fight is only topped by Arthas himself (In this raid at least). And her voice, no wonder we are having problems killing her; she is trying to seduce us. My ultimate wish, when she dies, she doesn’t appear on your login screen anymore, it gets annoying……*Nails-on-a-chalkboard dragon screech inserted here*
  • The fight has some entertaining aspects; a suck-in you have to run from, debuff to watch if she cast an ability on you, instead of tail-swipe she has a castable tail-pound. All those things along with a visually stunning backdrop to fight her on make this encounter a good time.
  • ICE BLOCKS! Omg, I can’t tell you the joy I felt from using Nibelung as a melee weapon. Or the number of screenshots I took during the encounter, some of my favorite wipes in the history of the game came from fighting “Big Ol’ Sindy”, and I hoping we down her, but I’m also hoping for more chances at screenshots because of ICE BLOCKS! I love being a mage-wannabe for a couple seconds.

This is all I have for now. I’m going to run a gear update with a mini-wishlist soon for Fealen because if I don’t write it down I’ll never remember it. 😀

Good Luck in Azeroth.

Tip: Keep fun wands for 6 months after a holiday. No one will ever see it coming

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  1. You and Gur make such a cute couple…

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