Rejoining the fight…..

So I guess I owe my readers a mini apology. I have been mentally AFK from blogging cause we all know how work goes. You have you ups and your downs, and sometimes it is so mundane that you’d rather fight wolves. So lets see, tid-bits from what has been swirling in my world:

– Guild is showing awesome improvements in 25man. Just need the end wing bosses for progression now. Much better than like 4 weeks ago stuck on Rotface.

– Got a new video card for my PC, running dual-monitors while Kainda is gone and what not cause it’s just so fun to do.

-Got priest into some PuGs that were success for like 6/12

-Rolled some new alts, one in SAN-US and then a hunter on Eitrigg

Not much of a post. Had a random thought lately though: Where are bathrooms in Azeroth?

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