Progression Night? I’d rather have free loot.

So recently <Revenged> has been burdened with the renowned “Progression Night Burn Out”. So Tuesday “Farm Night” comes around, we have more than enough people to fill a 25man. Typically 4-5 people get benched and have to wait in hopes a spot becomes available. Fast forward to Wednesday and we are missing 8-10 Raiders on what is our Progression night. It’s becoming quite annoying, and as an officer it’s aggravating to see us get shut down on a raid not due to continuous wipes, but to attendance.

What have we been doing to curtail such burn out? Not a whole lot. The GL and some other officers are mashing minds about a stricter attendance policy with conditions that have to be met to continue to be allowed on “Farm Night”. Our loot system itself is a bit of a reward for showing up. (We run with a modified Suicide Kings) If you are a “no-call, no-show” you go down 3 spots on the list, even with a reason for not showing it is still a 1 spot drop. Apparently the cost of not showing doesn’t outweigh the benefit of working hard and making progress……really people?

 The lighter side of having poor raid attendance nights is we get more focus on 10man progress (stuck on Sindy) and we get fun nights.

Wednesday was another one of those low attendance nights, and it turned into a really fun and sort of a team building night all at once. It first started as a Goldshire run, then a guild “For The Horde”. We had some good fun, no drama, no loot……no wipes.

We rushed Varian in Stormwind first, catch the Alliance by surprise. Then we proceeded to take over the AH, 23 <Revenged> versus about 40+ Alliance. I was impressed with the guild’s ability to fend off advances from the “children”. It took all 40 or more of them to rush the door to get us down.

After regrouping in Eastvale at spirit healer we ran north to Ironforge where we made the floor red with dwarf blood. No resistances, clean kill. As always Exodar and Darnassus were easy kills as no one cares about them.

 We got some people their Black War Bears, even picked up a new guildy (a Boomkin :-/) which is always sweet. The flexibility within our guild makes it easy to offset bad raid night. A lot of us enjoy PvP as well as killing bosses, so when the latter doesn’t occur, the former usually does.

 How does your guild handle “Progression Night Burn-out” or enforce attendance issues? Does the loot system help with attendance? Just looking for input with a problem that I am out of solutions for….

 Good luck in Azeroth!

Tip: Pallies, make sure you DI all classes w/o a Resurrection spell. It totally confuses them.

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  1. Paul

    My guild is seeing the same problem. The cause has been the slow progression in ICC, compounded by setbacks as geared people burn out/leave and we have to replace them with lesser geared/experienced recruits.

    I suspect many of the people skipping progression night have lost almost all motivation to clear the place. What’s the point now, really?

    Two things we’ve done: (1) make attendance on the progression night give you priority for the next week’s farm night, and (2) leave some of the farm bosses unkilled on farm night, and instead try a harder boss. You might even stop ICC early and go do VoA in farm night, if your faction controls it.

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