PvP Healing: The Basics

So I’ve been hard at work doing RL things, like getting speeding tickets and nervously awaiting my review at work. I haven’t taken a lot of time for important things like preparing for raids and leveling much needed professions on my priest. What I have been doing is something outlandish, never did I think I’d put up with what has been my kyrptonite.

Disc PvP….

Now when people say that “In PvP, you will die a lot”, please, for all that is holy (or disc) believe them!

Let me add to that “In PvP, you will die a lot, and as a healer…..it is your job to die, for the sake of others”

As a disc priest I’ve been introduced to many daggers, death grips, fel hunters, ghouls, trees, hunter pets and the elusive stunlock (grrr that darn stunlock). I am the target of the DPS in BG’s so my DPS can kill them, cause healing me is easier then healing ALL of them.

I’ve been learning some tactics that I’m sure are Disco specialties but some others can try these….

First: When targeted Bubble > PoM > Renew > Run > Repeat (Fear melee types)

Second:  Stand in other casters. The chance of them not reacting and attacking your attacker is slim to none. If a rogue steps behind a warlock the warlock will attempt to kill the rogue, even if it’s attacking you.

Third: Never be alone. You have cloth. Enough said.

Fourth: ABC…ALWAYS BE CASTING. If you waste one GCD, someone could die and that makes you a target if you are the last one up.

That’s all I have for today. I haven’t seen any Hellscream kills in my inbox. FealenWoW@gmail.com is where you can send them. Got just about a week. (Hits on NPC might be a monthly thing)

Peace out!

Tip: MCing people off LM in AB…….awesome.


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2 responses to “PvP Healing: The Basics

  1. Don’t forget to keep up inner fire. In pve letting it drop is not a big deal unless there is raidwide damage. In PvP something is always trying to Nom your face, and you will need to refresh frequently.

    Also, if you have desp. prayer, use it, as well as pain supp on self. And penance on every cooldown! If nobody needs a heal, blast it to the face of your nearby opponent. Remember, lack of hit on your gear means nothing. Pew pew pew!!

  2. And be aggressive, use dots/shadowfiend/manaburn whenever you can spare the global cooldowns. Shackle ghouls/gargoyles, especially if they are beating up on you. It seems to annoy Deathknights which makes it doubly worthwhile.

    I’m going to have a go at Garrosh but I don’t have an active account just yet because I can’t renew until I’ve caught up with work but later this week .. for sure.

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