Too many chickens in one ICC

So I’m battling the internet today. Thank you Comcast. I love you too.

On top of other things I have a bit of a nit-pick to dive into. Call this a rant, a QQ, even call it childish. I don’t care. It’s what I have on my mind right now.

Back story: I have always played a Boomkin. Since day 1, back in the world of PvP titles and 500g epic mounts. The green glowing orb that flies from my palms has been my home for almost 4 years now. I raided Kara and ZA as Boomkin. I killed Gruul and Mag as Boomkin. I wiped horribly on Hyjal trash as Boomkin. In <Revenged> I have always been THE Boomkin. In Wrath I was again the only real Boomkin in <Revenged>, we had some dual spec’s sitting around but nothing special. And now today…..

Present:  Last nights raid had 7 druids. My raid frames were filled with orange name plates. 4 of them were trees. None of them were kitties. None of them were bears. 3 Boomkin’s, but I believe in “the more the merrier”, but not last night. Let me discuss the nature of them. One of them is an OS, he’s a Restokin that routinely DC’s in all fights, even trash. Yet somehow he’s still invited, mildly irritating.  The other druid, another Restokin, well he has a past. He’s actually someone’s alt that was once removed from the guild for being very unloyal and saying nasty things about the GL and his wife. (Yes, this is a personal matter). On top of that he thinks he’s the best and constantly brags about this and that and generally has to always have a say on the topics of whatever we are discussing, including his amazing ability to Boomkin. Last night, I did nudge him on over all DPS, and single target fights were a cake walk due to my gear, but I can’t help feel useless…

Future: I always played MY class how I wanted to, no one tells me different, I’d never join a guild where it was mandatory to have this spec and THAT offspec, but without having THAT offspec I feel like I can’t compete. There comes a point where the specialness wears off because there’s 8000 of something in a single space, and then there’s the threat of 7999 of them can do something else just as well….and readers, I feel like THAT 1. Last night I had no desire to DPS, I pushed for my priest to try to heal over and over again. I always said he would become my main, and maybe in Cataclysm I’ll drill Fealen to the top and then do the same with Coagulater just to raid.

My rant is over, but the feelings are still there, and they always will be.

Still would like to see some dead Garrosh screenies in my inbox. No one has answered my call. Send kill shots in!

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