Where Disc Priests Go To Die……

My WoW mood has been pretty stale lately, as highly noticeable from my last post. I wouldn’t call it burn-out; it takes a lot for me to not want to play the game. (You just lost) Lately to me raiding has become a chore, not with the mechanics and repetition of the game play, but dealing with people’s attitudes and what not.

I’m afraid to say that my vacation from raiding has been PvP. I’ve done my fair share of healing in the BG setting to grasp Battlegroup strategies and tips that pertain to each particular battleground. Your results may vary.

Warsong Gulch – I’d say a healers nightmare, with limited number of targets for opponents to rip into, your chances of becoming a floor tank are a bit higher then the rest of the battlegrounds. As a healer this chance actually increases, because as soon as you start assisting someone people will notice and you’ll become the center of attention. Typically the first wave of the battle sets the pace, generally each team rushes flag room and heads for the home base. The biggest advice I can give here is to stay in the middle of the pack, don’t mind AoE’s and try to stay on top of the flag carrier. Your ability to survive in WSG is reliant on how good you are at not standing out.

Arathi Basin – 15v15 is the balance I enjoy the most, so this one is right up my alley. This BG is a beast in its own; the flags are completely out in the open so most casters will always have a bead on your forehead. You can do 1 of 2 (smart) things in here; you can either pick a flag that has someone at it and do your job to hold it with them, or you can pick a (preferably melee) DPS and follow them around as they assist INC on other flags. I say melee because they can still hit your attacker even if you have to drag one through the various buildings near the flags in an attempt to LoS them. Pick a partner, a healer alone here is a turtle on its back.

Eye of the Storm – This is a healer’s delight in my mind. It has it all, a flag carrier to keep track off, territorial points to hold with viable LoS spots at each area and vast open travel routes, to allow battle avoidance and 1v1 confrontation. My general strategy is hope we grab Draenei Ruins or Fel Reaver ruins and protect those. Both have structures and uneven ground around them that allow you to heal from behind the lines, as opposed to staying in the fray. Close graveyards allow you to jump right back into healing comrades, and unlike AB, you only have to be in the area, not baby-sit a flag as you are focused on the enemy. Find a spot and make it your own.

Strand of the Ancients – The little brother of Wintergrasp Lake, the silly immature brother of Wintergrasp Lake. As a healer I find this place annoying. ‘Why?’ you ask, because you can’t heal people in a vehicle from raid frames. Besides that the strategy is simple, stay near people driving demolishers. Eventually it’s going to break, and when it does someone has to be there to heal them. That’s what you are for, the key of constant attack. Get people fully healed so they can grab another demo and run it into another wall. Don’t forget to heal those fighting players, they protect your vehicles.

The 2 big ones I haven’t really had the chance to go crazy in. I’ve only done 2 Isle of Conquest battles and only 1 Alterac Valley as a Disco priest, Holy is all but a memory to me.

While my frustrations from Rogues and fear-spam Warlocks have driven my other-half into a scared comatose in the office chair beside me, it has helped me learn to pull my cool downs and use everything I got. Lately I’ve seen a lot of “PvP helps PvE”, and I believe it, even on Fealen, I am slowly learning how to help my healers out every day in raid.

No Garrsoh Kills Yet?!?!? What are you Alliance doing? <Revenged> might go kill Fordring, would you answer to that? FealenWoW@gmail.com Send me kill shots!

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