The bubbles are weak…..

I hate holy priests. Only in Battlegrounds thou.

You see, they all do this thing, when they are healing, that involves bubbling someone being beat on.

Now a holy priest should lay off of bubbles. They are weak and useless; my bubbles are more powerful than anything they could imagine.

In a scientific comparison conducted by the Discipline Undermining Holy Healers (D.U.H.H for short) group showed that a Holy priest’s bubble is like common parchment, where as a Disc priests bubble is like Titansteel.

So I’m making my stand now! Every priest that I see in a BG, I am going to inspect. If I find you to be Holy, and I will…don’t hide it from me, I’ll be forced to call you out in public. Besides, I’m only saving you mana.

Thank you.

Have a nice day. 😀


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3 responses to “The bubbles are weak…..

  1. You are so special. I love you.

  2. Tam

    You get holy priests in battlegrounds? Isn’t that MADNESS INCARNATE. I never heal bg holy, always disc. Because a holy priest is about 2 seconds from being a smear on the floor and a disc priest is invincible, I tell ya, invincible.

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