Professions without cushions

I have almost all the bases covered. On Fealen 1.0 I have Herbing/Mining maxed out. On Coagulater I have Tailoring up to 445. My ret pally is rocking enchanting but it’s not close to maxed at all. All these toons are on Eitrigg-US, and their professions had a bit of cushioning from a hefty gold reserve. So rerolling on Argent Dawn for SAN without a gold pillow to lay my head on kind of lefty me empty for what professions would be useful and add monetary value without require excess gold, or carry low leveling profit margins. My decision was Herbing/Inscription on Fealen 2.0 and from what I can tell it is going to be smooth sailing once I learn some good glyphs.

Being on an RP realm I had definitely thought about taking up cosmetic professions. Be it tailoring or leatherworking, blacksmithing even, but the server probably already has a well established cosmetic market. Some professions such as enchanting and engineering take a longer time to turn profits from what I’ve heard. Jewelcrafting has yet to catch my attention, so I narrowed it down to being a scribe.

With taking inscription, the logical partner was herbalism, which provides the raw material to make inks and what not for the profession. This choice allowed me to cut out the cost of materials, which will help make my profit margin bigger. Looking at all the factors I could as I’ve been leveling Inscription I am purely glad I made the choice.

Low cost for materials – Never buying an herb or an ink. I have to purchase paper but only at like a few copper or silver a piece, a one time purchase of an “inking set”, and then the training to be able to make the glyphs. Very low overhead.

Amazing Profit Margin – With the overhead being so low, scribes can make an easy 100 to 1000% profit on items, depending on the market. On AD-US the low level Vellum market is outstanding, close to 900% return on stacks of 20 when going into the Thurs-Fri-Sat block. Makes for a good average profit across the week, with little to no work.

Server Demands – An RP server can have a different market for items than those markets on regular PvP/PvE realms. I have found this to help me maximize my profits. Those who RP want the gear to look a certain way, with certain glimmers and what-have-you. This is where my Vellum market comes in, it’s easier to just buy enchants rather than spam trade looking for one, this is a demand for enchanters. Enchanters want to keep the supply of enchants on the AH, making a demand for Vellum, and that create a demand for Scribes…..which is a demand for me.

The three things mentioned above have helped me earn gold without the “Wealth pillow” to sleep on, and it netted me a lot of gold, really fast I must say, at low levels making leveling easy. I can’t recall the number of times I couldn’t buy spells on my first main, won’t happen on Fealen 2.0, I can promise that. Hopefully the markets continue to favor me, and if anyone in SAN-US needs a Scribe you can contact me. 😀

Tip: A level 1 wolf can kill a fully geared 80. Azeroth is just waiting for the chance, watch your AFKs

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