The Fall of Arthas Campaign

On Sunday, there is a group of people that I meet up with and play Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 with. Two Sundays ago wrapped up our major campaign with one DM as the game is being passed off to another.

The lead up to the end left with some interesting moments. I’m opposed to just leaving my character in the world uncontrolled, so my exit of the game was well satisfied. Nothing can beat being on the receiving end of a Nat 20 ranged attack, with a vorpal serving tray. Hey it happens to the best of us…sometimes.

The end of a campaign is much like a new expansion in WoW; a gear reset, rerolls, new npcs, new factions to interact with. Most memorable can be the way one storyline ends and another begins.

Blizzard has done well in my opinion of introducing reasons we should care about something enough to travel to a distant land and kill some dude. While the portal event for BC was fun, mass demon killing, you can’t go wrong with that, the Wrath pre-launch was beyond anything I’ve ever encountered in the game.

ZOMBIEFEST! Like a real world infestation this brought out the best and worst in people. The best was the people furiously fighting against the outbreaks, or finding refuge for those not infected. Bands of people would group up in cities and barricade an area off and attempt to cleanse any zombie that came in range. Others without the ability to cleanse would form militias, and than go zombie hunting.

The worst in people were mostly the zombies, in the fact that they infected every npc in major cities, and made business in these cities near impossible. Or the level 70 zombies going into low level areas and ganking people so far below them that melee attacks were simply killing them.

The event went as well as you took it, I myself embraced it thoroughly. If I was zombiefied, I played my part, tried to find brains, died and then continued on with my business. It added a different path for people for a week or so, a way to take their toon on a different journey. I imagine on RP realms this may have been more prominent, but it would seem like and easy way to switch out your main before a new expansion. “Hello, I’m Romar, the brother of the recently deceased Thermor. I will travel in his footsteps and avenge his death” *zombiefied* Lol.

This different path is what characters need sometimes. I know in D&D I try to form a back-story for each my characters I roll. If not for any other reason than to give them purpose, but to also give them a path that the DM can weave into their own plot they have written.

With the new expansion coming there is a pre-launch event that is probably being polished up behind locked doors at Blizzard Studios, I believe the retaking of Gnomeragan and the killing of Zalzane is just a diversion. With that in the works my mind is exploding with all kinds of questions and ideas about where to go or how to handle the end of this “campaign” in game. Obviously my characters aren’t being left behind or being killed off, but the idea of producing a new main is in the air. I plan to get at least 4 80’s before the expansion comes, that’ll give me a more diversified panel to choose from.

My thoughts on this have been run dry so I guess I’ll end this entry.

Good luck in Azeroth!

Tip: Always repair after a wipe. Thou it is humorous watching a rogue’s weapon break 3 attacks into Saurfang. 😛

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