We Did It To Ourselves

This might be a WALL OF TEXT but bear with me; it could turn out to be a lot of fun if you take the time to read through it.

The closer we get to the next expansion (or even the next patch it seems) people’s level of tolerance seem to dive, tremendously. This is expected as burn-out and raid-rage are directly correlated with the amount of attempts you’ve had on a boss without seeing all of phase 3 (with the guild).

A number of things have come out of the wood work in the past few weeks that have got my mind written off 25man raiding come the drop of Cataclysm. The biggest being an attendance issue with our Tues/Wed ‘mandatory’ raid nights. I call them mandatory because if you’d like to keep your raider status you have to have some consistency; exceptions being blown computers, planned vacations or emergency work duties. Without a system in place to encourage attendance our progression would suffer. The problem that has me buckled over in complete irony, those that get the most upset if we don’t do a 25 ICC are those that lack consistency without excuse. I’m looking at you DC’ing Restokin.

On top of the attendance lies the second issue, not listening. When the raid leader explains a fight I’ll fully admit I’m at the point now that I’ll alt-tab because ‘I know the fight’. When you do something enough on 10man, 25man doesn’t seem so different. We have certain individuals who seem like they listen…. “Any Questions?” Silence And then we wipe, why thou you ask? “I didn’t know what I was supposed to do” Oh hai! Was I suppose to run? That pink line? I thought it was a focusing crystal…my bad. And the bind the guild is in currently, we can’t cut who we bring because on most 25man nights we have 24 raiders and then we pull in someone who decides to show their face once a week, and that’s why we explain the fight every week. Please listen; it’s not only you fighting that boss.

Sometimes the reason for not listening is because people won’t shut their trap when it clearly isn’t a good time to talk. And sure enough, because WoW is a game that allows for visual representation of E-peen’s, people have to extend it by vocalizing their epic-ness. We have the: “Hey, look at my burst DPS!” */floortank* and THE ONE WHO KNOWS ALL BOSS FIGHT MECHANICS! Sorry, there are 2 oozes in 25man Putricide. It only takes one person to *cough* whip it out *cough* and then every male in a 15 yard radius has to show everyone else who is boss. There are even a few you talk big huevos, and then come to find out they only have some kidney beans. This counteracts productivity, and it shows as the raid progressively gets worse. Follow this to know whether or not you can speak in vent: Are you an Officer? If you answered Yes, speak now. If you answered No, STFU! End point!

I can imagine these reasons above are what set off the motions that caused the Guild Leader to snap and crit the front page of the website with the proclamation that in Cataclysm what Revenged is now (that is a 25man raiding guild) will be no longer, instead we are downsizing to 10man raiding.

The time period we are in now is kind of important, those who stick with it till the end will be the ones that get first dibs on 10man spots when we get to 85. This can do two things to someone; the first being cause someone to go above and beyond, show consistency, don’t do what I stated above and earn a spot in progressive ten-mans. Or…it can cause someone to say “F that” and they slam the door behind them. It’s a self-weeding decision, and as an Officer of Revenged and has a dedicated Raider I stand behind the GL on this, why give someone a spot who doesn’t give back to the guild.

I wish my guild buddy Gurhulk would post more often, his views are similar to mine but he has the added wisdom of playing EQ back in the day when MMO’s were much more niche, and those that were playing games like WoW were dedicated to effort and grind to achieve something. For the most part WoW has allowed for more of a player base by ‘dumbing down’ content while people have gotten in 5 years of experience so things seem very easy, but as I stated to someone close to me “You are only as strong as your weakest link”.

Now we are just waiting out the chain to be shortened, less links to worry about breaking.

Good Luck in Azeroth!

Tip: Defile does not provide a buff. Stop standing in it.


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2 responses to “We Did It To Ourselves

  1. Keith Lemay

    Yay I got linked lolz. Yea I agree Fealen it’s annoying to hear the people bitch that don’t contribute. your right I should post a new blog 8)

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