The Kingslayer……

So the talent previews are flying all over the place like they are the end of the world so I decided touching upon that would be beating a dead horse…..a cold cold cold dead horse….in which no pony was born and given to me….sorry, where was I?

So “Fealen the Kingslayer” is something I’m proud of. It shows that I accomplished something; I did my part to earn something. If you could have seen the meters that night you would have noticee that I was not carried even the slightest bit. Even with the 20% buff this title still isn’t a hand-me-down from Arthas to his fans.

I’ll admit I gloat, who wouldn’t. My gloating involves wearing the title. That’s the extent of it; I’d hate to make my guildies feel lesser because I keep telling them I killed Arthas. I’m not like that. The amount of time I actually spent on him was near to nothing. We had like 10 attempts and he was down, but there was till an effort and a reason to show it off.

With the low amount of “Kingslayer” titles walking around, it isn’t uncommon for people to flame those who have it. And I thought that this would be my experience with it.

I’ve had the opposite, the night I got the title, an acquaintance of mine offered 20k for a spot in the next LK kill, and porting into Dalaran one night after trying to get him in a full Revenged run I had some one whisper me:

Druid: kingslayer, eh?

Me: Yup

Druid: was it hard? (I like his lack of capitals, brownie points. :-D)

Me: Very much worth the effort to earn it

Druid: your guild?

Me: Mostly, some PuG’s

Druid: if theres any open spots in next run wanna send me an invite (Now he’s just ignoring punctuation)

Me: It’s up to the raid leader

Druid: well throw my name out there, im a tank 😀

Me: Will do

So, ya, apparently people have such thoughts to assume that being nice to a guy with a title will get you in to the next run.

Some nerve.

People have no respect for effort and accomplishment anymore. Arthas is the end game content right now and you’re just leisurely asking for a spot in the raid to kill him? Go DIAF! I should have spouted this off to him but I kept nice because I’m not a jerk. He just doesn’t know better, and that’s something he’ll have to learn.

So with this rant about people being dumb you can take away one good thing: I’m “Fealen the Kingslayer” and I’m proud to wear my title.

Good luck in Azeroth.

Tip: People who die on the outer platform during LK fight can receive a battle rez.

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