Cataclysmic Boomkins

So after the initial slew of opinions and QQ has subsided I decided it was time to chime in with my thoughts.

Boomkin Mechanics: The Theory-craft.

So someday this coming fall, our happy chickens will wake up from an inn and be surrounded by this entire new and exciting world. By the magical fires of Deathwing we will have learned some new way of calling upon the powers of the Sun and the Moon to defeat our enemies. While the details of this new mechanic are kept pretty hush-hush by NDA, the pieces we do know can help us kind of picture what is going on for the future us. (Not the hourglass us, they thought we had bad gear)

So far Blizz has stated that Moonkins will be receiving a bar that in my mind would appear like a territory bar from EotS or WG Workshops. On one side would be the Sun and the other would be the Moon, and casting nature spells moves the bar towards the Moon and casting arcane spells moves the bar towards the Sun. The aforementioned movement of the bar would be caused by gaining Lunar power and Solar power, respectively.

The idea is that the more Lunar power you have the harder your arcane spells hit for damage, and the more Solar power you have the more damage you do with nature spells. Awesome mechanic except when you think about cast times and the amount of damage your nukes do.

My thought behind the mechanic is that it’ll provide a 1:1 percentage buff to the type of spell with the most power in it’s bar. So if you have 75 Lunar points, you’ll get a 75% damage increase to the Arcane spell school (MF, SF, Starfall) and vice versa for Nature points. If Blizzards follows this layout than we might have no reason to cast Nature spells except to put the Lunar points back to the top so we can cast down from 100 again. Or we might even never let it fall below a certain number.

The talents in the balance tree make it seem like points are going to be in excess. This may provide a fast moving weaving casting rotation for Boomkin’s, but at the same time it could throw us so many points at such an alarming rate that our ability to get into a rhythm is nigh impossible making us unfun or clunky. (Eclipse anyone?)

I trust Blizzard in their ability fix things, the issue is that they are holding off on fixing a lot right now cause like everyone assumes Cataclysm will fix it. The real test will be when the NDA is lifted and the new mechanic is released. Can Blizzard do it? Can they fix a class that has had a game play style problem since the beta of the current expansion? I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

If not, I can always play my Disc priest……wait, priests are changing too…..gahhhh, that’s for another post…

Good Luck in Azeroth.

Tip: This is Warcraft, not a neopets session….

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