25man Putricide Down.

So I don’t have any screenshots of it to post at this time, but last night 25man Putricide went down.

 It was agonizing, painful and carried quite a bit of RNG factors.

 We had vial problems.

We had ooze DPS problems.

We had placing the boss problems.

We even had a trapped by ooze puddles problem.

 Our last attempt was to be OUR last attempt. Whenever our Guild Leader calls “One more attempt guys” we seem to down a boss.

 Congrats <Revenged>, we don’t have to save the raid ID anymore.

 Good Luck in Azeroth

Tip: Barkskin + Lifeblood = Awesome Cooldown. Macro maybe?


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2 responses to “25man Putricide Down.

  1. I have noticed that when the GM says ‘One more attempt’ you guys seem to get the boss down. Proud of you guys. Love you.

  2. gurhulk

    It was Gurhulk that made all the difference, thanks Hulk we love you

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