The Same Old Welcome Mat

I am excellent at timing.

It’s something I’ve learned I am good at.

Without even trying, each time I’ve returned to the game there has been an influx of guild drama brewing.

What is it this time?

The decision to scrap 25man raiding for Cataclysm and to pour resources and effort into our 10man teams.

This has upset some and others are rejoicing.

Perosnally, I am rejoicing, this decision has been a long time coming. With the headaches and bullcrap that we put up with when trying to motivate and progress in 25man, the prize no longer outweighs the effort.

In the past few days there have been numerous /gquits, it is surely weeding out the people that were in the guild for gear as opposed to the people. I am here for the people, so this decision is better for me. The people I care about are sticking around.

That is good enough for me.

*Getting back into blogging is hard for some reason. I need to find inspiration*

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One response to “The Same Old Welcome Mat

  1. While I don’t know your guild mates, perhaps some of the people who are leaving don’t actually care about the gear but simply like raiding in a 25 man format?

    If my guild decided to focus on 10 mans next expansion I would be forced to look for a new home too because I like the epic feeling of downing bosses with 24 other people. I also prefer healing with 5-6 other healers, playing with just one other makes for a boring healer channel.

    Basically I would be very sad to learn that people would dismiss me as a loot whore because this type of decision meant the guild was no longer the right home for me.

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