The Countdown: 7 Days till Cataclysm

So we all know what happened a week ago…..


I’m blown away, the world has changed and holy nova, it is awesome.

With a week to go before all the new places and goals change in Azeroth I have decided a check-list shall be in order. So I present to you:


1) Adventure: The world has changed, and because of all the content that will be flying at us in just a week take some time to go see the changes now. Yea, sure, you can see them after you are level 85, but your character is in a time-line of his own and knows nothing of the happenings to this date. Go! Now!

2) Empty Bags: Who really wants all the Lich King junk cluttering up your bag space when it could help in leveling. Maximizing bag space eliminates the need to return to camps and towns repeatedly, as well as allowing you to pack potions and food, anything that might help you stay out in the wilderness longer.

3) Prepare button bars: Who really knows how addons will be in Cataclysm. History has proven that theres always one or two major malfunctions with UI addons, so learning to cope without them will assist you in being comfortable without them, just in-case.

4) Research: Not that you’ll want to ruin your gameplay with spoilers, but everyone has to start somewhere, and knowing where to logout next Monday can mean the difference between being lost for a few hours or starting smooth. Just so everyone knows: The breadcrumbs for Horde and Alliance are in Orgrimmar and Stormwind, resepctively.


Yes folks, I’m back. I assure you that my welcome isn’t short lived and I hope to be seeing all kinds of friendly faces in my comment boxes.

May Deathwing cook your steaks correctly, and may your Happy Fun Rock always be happy.

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