Countdown: 6 Days til Cataclysm

The Race To 85

I love competition; it is what drives this game. We are all trying to be better than something or someone. Sometimes you don’t even have any idea that you are competing. When you are attacking a mob, it’s a competition of who can kill who first. When you buy and sell on the AH, you are competing a market. PvP is way too easy to correlate to competition, by now you should get my point.

Last night an intense debate went on about who is going to be the first 85 in the guild. Six months ago if you had asked me who would do it I could have confidently mentioned my own name without hesitation. My leveling pace in Wrath was near phenomenal, hitting 80 with a close 79 tailing me and the next person down being only level 72 within the guild. Something in the air has changed thou…..

There are good 4-6 guildies all saying that THEY will be the ones first to 85, and you know what, I do believe they all have a chance. I’m not denying their credibility that their “plans” will make them level the fastest, but questing seems to be the way to go still, and that leaves maybe 3 other people I will actually have to compete with in the end.

I got to tell you what I’m up against because the characters in my guild are quite the bunch:

  • The GL: He has dedication and stubbornness, and his way is always the right way! (Until we prove him wrong) Using his Wife’s paladin tank as a leveling buddy when he can, he’s vowed that his method is fail proof, and the guide he is going by promises fast leveling. He carries a lot of smack talk, and when he falls he carries even more. I’m only counting him into the fight for first because he has a week off to play without worry.
  • The Man Who Never Sleeps: There’s one particular paladin who from what I’ve heard “never sleeps”. That and he is apparently really quick at leveling. In my own opinions, you can’t count going from 1-60 in a week as quick pace cause they have continuously nerfed the needed XP in that level range to get to the next level. Going from 80 to 85 is going to be a slow grind at first, and it could get more stretched at the end if Blizzard keeps tacking on XP to the levels. This paladin has a lot of people behind him, and he has the front of not needing to ever sleep, but can he handle the grind and questing at a fast pace, I’ll be watching him closely as the morning comes on the 7th.
  • The Tortoise to the Hares: My buddy Gurhulk is a silent killer, and I’m only putting him in this running because he is a ninja when comes to things of this matter. Being casually tuned but hardcore bred, this shaman has done some scary feats, and you never see them coming. He’s already said he is going to level at a comfortable pace, but I’ve leveled with him before and I can tell you from what I’ve experienced that if he isn’t watched closely than he could just take the cake, and even eat it too.

There are sleepers in the guild that I’m sure are lying low out of the spotlight and will be waiting in the wings to take on the talkers. We have quite a number of people in the guild like that.

Am I complaining about not being handed “First to 85”? Not completely, thou it was nice to have that cushion on people coming up through Wrath. This is good for the guild overall as our GL as stated that we are to be raid ready in two weeks, so the more competitors there are, the faster we can get things rolling.

I know you guys must be seeing the same kind of banter and contest within your guilds, and as an inquirying mind I’d like to hear what you guys are going through. Do you have the guts and glory to carry yourself to first? Are you on the sidelines betting who is going to make it?

Good Luck in Azeroth!

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