Countdown: 5 Days til Cataclysm

Azeroth Re-Constructive Surgery

I’m not sure if my hype is enveloping me in a constant state of highness like I’m always on morphine, or if the Post-Shatter Azeroth is really that amazing.

Pre-Shattering Pain

Take for example the story of Fealen. When I was leveling him with Gurhulk we went through Feralas, a spread out lush zone where if you fell off the path in certain places it was a five minute walk just to get back to the path, if you weren’t ganked by the clumped mobs that patrolled in places that would often make you wonder if they were dropped there by the Gods themselves cause there was no path to them.

What really shot me off about Feralas was the complete lack of grouped questing areas. From Camp M, you would be sent five different places, turn in all the quests and three of the quest givers would send you to three of the places you had just been to do something completely different. This wouldn’t be so bad if the zone was open like Tanaris or The Barrens, but it wasn’t, you had to stay on the paths or you’d never get to your destination. You spent roughly 50% of your time traveling through the zone, which was okay if you only played this game to admire pixel trees. 😛

Post-Shattering Euphoria

My hunter is going through Feralas at the moment and there is a completely different picture painted of the zone, in all aspects the zone seems better. Granted I’m still stuck on the one winding path through the wilderness but a quest hub doesn’t send you in six different directions and then back again to do quests that could have been done together. It also seems as if the mobs aren’t as clumped, which to me is awesome. Some pulls that I recall being 3-4 mobs at once are now just onesies and twosies (Yes, that’s my vocab).

This could just be class discrepancies as well, Druid vs. Hunter. If that was the case I think I’d have an issue with the mobs being overpowered for the zone, because face it, when a moonkin is getting the snot kicked out of him by a melee it doesn’t last long, or end good for the moonkin, unfortunately.

As I spend time leveling my alts through the old new world I’ll be taking precise notice of my dislikes from before, and try to level in zones which I never stepped foot in after careful research (Desolace, I’m pointing at you).

*Small Shout Out: My guildies are slowing being introduced to my blog because I have the bestest cheerleader a druid could have, so now I have to say nice things about my guild. 😛 Can’t wait till Cataclysm to spend 48 hours with everyone.*

Good Luck in Azeroth!

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