Countdown: 4 Days til Cataclysm

It’s always the same old song and dance

The patch before every expansion always brings a lot of questions. Mostly similar to the likes of “Where is this vendor?” and “Why can’t I *insert unbalanced spell here*?” Those questions are weak and provide nothing but headaches for those who know the answers as they repeat them hundreds of times.

My favorite questions are those of thought and reasoning like “Why didn’t Proudmoore just man up and get Wrynn as a sugar daddy?” or “What is your most missed subject of the last patch?” Essay questions my folks, not only are they fun to answer, but they provide good blog topics. I will be answering the latter of the inquiries in this post. 😀

What I missed the most:

He was my friend, my colleague and most of all; an innocent (or so I thought) populate of Orgrimmar. Gamon for years sat in the Org Inn for any number of reasons; but I think this video explains it well why he was really there: Gamon: The Untold Story.

They say that a punishment should be weighed equal against the crime committed, and folks, in my opinion Gamon is due revenge against the justice system. (You are the “Justice System”) For too long he has been the target of numerous unprovoked attacks, in and out of the Medic’s hut was just his way of life, and that is unfit for a Tauren who never went through due process and trial.

I’m not all innocent; I have done my fair share to Gamon. I can recall countless tales of Mind controlling him or engaging in a number of taunting sessions that would drive him to rage. He always seemed cool and collected until someone crossed him the wrong way, a cheery fellow who understood that “Good things come to those who wait” and wait he has.

Now what?

And now we all suffer.

His cooped up rage turned him into a beast over night, and after much ridicule and defeat due to his whimsical ‘fists of fury’ fighting style he finally went to his trainer and he bought an axe (probably for a silver and two to three pieces of linen). The citizens of Orgrimmar must now tread lightly with him as he shows no mercy, and takes the “guilty by association” mindset. We all walk amongst each other with friendly disposition; we are all working against him.

Sorry, it is too late to fix things. Even drawing up an Affirmative Action ordinance within Org won’t change anything. Garrosh even pushed his people back to a storage shed at the end of the drag, that didn’t help the cause.

Love and move on….

I miss the old Gamon, even if he did commit a crime, his lovable and passionate attitude made him a staple of the culture that surrounded that city. I always made sure to visit him whenever I was in town on business, and once in a while I would travel there just to see him. No one will forget the Gamon I described at first, but now we will always fear that rage filled axe wielding psychopath who seems to put a mark of death to anyone who “deserves” it. Things will never be the same……

Good Luck in Azeroth Orgimmar


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2 responses to “Countdown: 4 Days til Cataclysm

  1. Tam

    Actually I’m rather delighted at how many “can you rez me plz, Gamon killed me” whispers I get in Org these days 😀

    • I’ve recieved more overconfident tanks whispering me with “can I a bubble and barrier plz?”.

      I’ve also sacrficed my shadowfiend numerous times just to draw Gamon out from hiding….

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