Countdown: 2 Days til Cataclysm

I would call this the eve of Cataclysm….

I myself have 14 hours until the servers are suppose to pop open and let me race my friends to 85.

I have made preparations to do so, here they are:

  • Moved all kinds of gold to Fealen to avoid having to /facepalm because I can’t train spells, or buy flying or have to worry about money issues slowing me down
  • Mailed my entire flask surplus to Fealen to help boost his spellpower while levling
  • Emptied my bags as much as possible to avoid the numerous running back and forth to make more space while leveling. Traveling will kill quick-paced questing pretty fast. Got 76 empty bag spaces!
  • Bookmarked ALOT of up-to-date Cata guides on my laptop to allow for quick and easy how-to’s and tips for certain quests as to avoid snafu’s in my race to 85

I have also made out of game preparations:

  • Took two paid days off from my day job to make sure I had time to level and experience the game, and three nights off from my night job for the same exact reason.
  • Put aside grocery money for snacks and energy drink allocation to allow me to stay up a loooooong time
  • Offset my sleep pattern to combat falling asleep at 5:30am
  • Told everyone to leave me alone for 24 hours 😛

And with that said I’ll leave you with this:

Guild bonding on the Stormwind Wall on December 6, 2009


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