I don’t like this…..

I’m leveling my priest in his raiding Disc spec.

This, so far has frustrated me, not because of difficulty. But due to the shear ease I have bubbling myself and smiting things to holy hell.

More on this at a later date, I just needed to express my distaste in comparison to the constant drinking and healing I did on my boomkin….


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2 responses to “I don’t like this…..

  1. It definitely does take a long time to kill any one thing, and the aoe is abysmal, but leveling disc is a STURDY spec.

    • Sturdy is the word. I am sooo resilent to death, at the same rate Smite isn’t doing awesome wonders.

      I find: Bubble>Holy Fire>Devouring Plague>Smire x2> Re-apply Holy Fire

      I think when mob health gets to about 50k+ I’ll have to add SW:P into it somewhere. So far I’m finding it relaxing mashing one nuke for 15sec. Like a Burning Crusade Boomkin.

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