‘That Ability Is Not Ready Yet’

This was suppose to be a post about my awesome enjoyable experience about leveling a discipline priest in a raiding spec. I was going to tell you how much I enjoy never sitting to drink, or how I never waste mana on healing myself because of the niche capabilites that come with being a bubble-fiend.

Instead you get this….

Blizzard! Why would you give all quest mobs a spell lock/stun/knockback?

While I was power leveling Fealen, I came across the conundrum early in Hyjal, the orges in that cave with the man on the hook in the back, they have a knock back. Fine and dandy, I can handle one at a time without being frustrated, but oh look his buddy is coming over and there it goes.

As I leveled this became more of an issue as mobs started to hit harder. I counteracted it by using Typhoon on cooldown but sometimes it would draw more mobs or just delay my frustration as the mob came back to beat my face in.

The Twlight Highlands was my most hated leveling zone, atleast the first 20 or so quests. All the humaniods in that zone have a shield, and they all tend to shield bash when I’m casting a heal, every time I cast a heal. At this particular time in questing I was on Ventrilo with the guild and they heard my every explective and disapproval of the shield bash.

Blizzard, do you hate casters? Do your GM’s enjoy sitting in their invisbility cloaks watching lonely Boomkins get his feathers plucked violently as his wishful pleas for heals are interupted by a little female warrior? I wouldn’t be surprised to see a “Yes” in blue after those questions.

I have been dealing with it on Coagulater, my bubbles hold 10k damage so it’s a good cushion. I’m also expecting it this time…..pre-planning my assault.

Have others found this to be an issue? Were there any mob abilities that becmae a sour grape in your leveling experience? Or am I the only one disgruntled?

Good Luck in Azeroth!


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2 responses to “‘That Ability Is Not Ready Yet’

  1. I don’t remember the specific mobs that did it, but in Mount Hyjal it felt like I was getting spell-locked and stunned ALL the time. It was a huge pain.

  2. Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol…great read, thanks.

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