Fealen’s December Stars!

Where have I gone? Nowhere! I’ve been just so busy with work and WoW to congregate all my ideas into posts. Such a burden to bear, but I’m here now to unleash some of that burden.

A Tip of the Hat!

So as a month progresses I star lots of blogs in my feed reader and go back to them time and time again to read comments or use them as a tree to get to places in which I forgot to write down. I figured what better way to always remember what they are and to share them with you is to line them up here for you all to see! (And myself when I forget). So I present to you: Fealen’s Feedreader Stars!: December 2010.

  • Fulguralis had a nice lead into this expansion that I still enjoy reading and might even keep it starred. You certainly should look at it if you ever fear trying to justify WoW to your co-workers/family/friends.
  • Big Bear Butt is always a fun read, but this post by him in connection to druids in Vash’jr reminds me why it’s awesome to have a druid!
  • Jaded Alt’s post on the Therazane Dailies is going to stay starred until I’m exalted on Fealen and Coag because god knows I’ll get lost in Deepholm.
  • Zelamaru over at Murloc Parliament describes what SHE think’s an officer is. Totally on board with this, if our guild had a wider spread in nature this is the guide I would use.

So those are my stars this month, going to find a way to keep track of them without filling up my feed reader with 12 month old starred posts, when I have time.

Whats happening on the toon front? Well, Fealen is shelved….until I need herbs or a guildie needs ore, and if the guild leader doesn’t need me to ever DPS in a raid. Coagulater is 3.5 bubbles away from 85 with a 319 item level score, so Heroics should come quickly to him and my skill in the Cataclysm healing model is quite impressive.

Merry Xmases to everyone! Hope Great Father Winter is nice to you this year. 😀

Good Luck in Azeroth!

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