Wednesday Mish-Mash?

I missed the boat on Tol Barad….darn

I’ve basically missed the boat on boss mechanic guides…..darn

I’ll chime in about dungeon finder! Wait, that’s a bit over-run and WoW Insider is currently blanketing that.

Well, I’ll just post.

So <Revenged> is now an 8th Level Guild that is strong with attendance basically all hours of the day excluding 3-8am EST (from what I can tell). I’ve missed both raid weeks due to working nights but from what I have heard progress is being made. Maybe more gear or more mechanic education is in order. Whatever the case I wish them luck as work as me ball & chained on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

I’ve been slowly making gold off of the herb market, and ore has been doing quite nicely when I have the patience to race around playing “Who can get there first?” with 485873 other people in a zone, even the elusive phased out nodes are laughing at me. I’ve also come across one Twilight Jasmine in the Highlands that is roughly 40 yards off the ground and unobtainable even by a druid. Good job Blizzard, go and mess up my herb path due to my “OMG!!! A YELLOW DOT!!!!” alarm goes off, and then the disappoint sets in.

So far my experience with Catacylsm has been one of happiness and enjoyment. I can only complain about phased nodes and that big darn monster called RNG.

That’s all I have today.

Good Luck in Azeroth.

*You may have noticed a change in author of my posts, this is due to me picking up another blog on this account. No reason for worry, same person….just penning under a different identity*

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