Just becoming a statistic…..

Blizzard, you have me frustrated….

Disc Priests don’t need a fix, here’s what needs to be fixed:

  • People need to learn to more effciently heal
  • Converted Holy priests need to understand Disc is gear dependant
  • RDF n00bs need to learn to CC
  • RDF n00bs need to understand WHAT a Disc priest does
  • Playerbase in general need to learn that fire is bad (I shouldn’t have to say this)

So to fix Disc priests you are just reinforcing that they are a broken talent tree when the real problem is everyone wants things to be easy.

I’ve stuck Disc for now and everyone in my guild can back me up by saying I am doing just fine, so why am I being “buffed” just because people don’t like the challenge that healing has become? Why must I feel like after a patch no one is going to take me seriously because I just bubble and wand, and throw the occasional renew on DPS.

I’d like to say I’m looking forward to the buff, but after it happens my renegade status will just become another priest statistic……thanks Blue.


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2 responses to “Just becoming a statistic…..

  1. Bee

    The buffs we are getting are really quite strange, I think. I do heal PVE content on my priest and I can see direct benefits from the buffs in the next patch.

    For the PVP side of my priest though, I’m quite confused. Oh gee thanks Blizz for giving me a way more powerful bubble. Now if you could make sure it’s easily dispelable that would be awesome. Yes, please, take it… I didn’t need Pain Supression 65% dispel mechanic reduction. Oh, and please, give every other healing class a way to dispel magic so the guy that’s holding the flag that i’m trying to heal will never have a bubble on him ever.

    Thanks soooo much.


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