“You not good enough…” Seriously?

The RDF has been quite mean to me and my guildies lately.  Too the point that I am glad I’m taking a few days from playing, even being in-game irks me just thinking about it.

Last night was the straw that broke the camels back.

I queued up with some trusted guildies, ones that I know are aware of what their jobs are: Stay out of fire, CC and DPS things.

The only spot we wait for is a tank from RDF, easy enough. The queue pops, it’s BRC, and the tank is a “Bane of the Fallen King” and has 191k in health. Okay….

Everything was going fine. You can do the pulls before the boss without much CC and then on the first boss we barely downed him because I stood in chains. Go figure. We cleaned up that mess and continued on to the next room.

We wiped on the trash pack that pats the floor of the second bosses room and all I did was ask for a little CC, even one mob in specific. It would make things go a bit smoother. In an all guild run we would have CC’ed them as much as possible just because we can.

Wanna know what response I got from the tank?

Tank- “Are you not good enough to do it without CC” You have got to be kidding!

Me- “A little CC would make it easier”

Tank- “You can have CC but im not marking, you can”

All this time I’m shooting it out with my guildies over how above himself this guy is. Our mage produced a vote kick, with the reasoning not suitable for writing, but it was a good enough reason.

All said and done we pulled in a guild tank and went about our way. What I can’t take away is the fact that this tank we had seriously trivalizing content based on his gear. Get off your high horse dude, not all of us are Wrath-babies (Dappad, that one is for you) and we understand how to correctly do a heroic.

Over-geared, High-horse, Wrath-baby Paladin Tanks, stay out of my RDF. We need not your type polluting our good heroic runs. Bee Pit?

That’s my rant-story.

Thanks for listening.

Good luck in Azeroth RDF


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5 responses to ““You not good enough…” Seriously?

  1. Eulogy

    Hehe reminds me of a few weeks back when a friend and I (he was spriest i was resto sham) joined a group for VP completely made up of light of dawn guys. On the second set of trash my mate got kicked from group citing ‘dps is shit’ despite the fact he was doing 7k (about 1k lower than their lowest) and literally jsut dinged. To make matters worse after they’d kicked him and i ws staring at the screen in disbelief i got a whisper from the tank saying something like ‘sorry sweety, you’re healings fine but you mate really sucks’… i ofc promptly told them to go ‘f’ them selves and left the group.

    Argh, elitist jerks.. Got no time for em personally.

    • I think the elitists should have thier own RDF.

      Some people like to ease into content, or are still getting gear. I enjoy these people, they make the game fun.

      And new 85’s are just as welcome in heroes as anyone else as long as they have the iLvl to complete it….Blizz put that standard for a reason.

      Your pain is felt.

  2. Ugh! What a bunch of jerks! I would have left the group too. If you lined up some of these “Light of Dawn” and “Death’s Demise” people in real life, only a handful of them would actually be successful IRL and in game. Most of them just have the game and like to hold it over everyone else’s head.

    • I think it’s the notion of hiding behind a computer screen that can turn what maybe good natured people in society into jerks.

      That and beating pixels.

  3. If someone asked me if I wasn’t good enough to do it without CC, I think I’d reply that I’m TOO good to do it without CC. Since when does cheesing and half-assing content make you good?


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