BA Shared Topic: Dear WoW….

Dear Leap of Faith,

The time we are spending together has become some of my favorite times in WoW. I can’t count the number uses I have found for you, nor do I hope I ever stop finding reasons to hit your keybind. The few seconds of enjoyment you provide at the sametime as saving a loved one (or not so loved) are worth every second.

Thou I would love to sit here and praise you for all the shine and glory you have brought to the priest community, I can’t get over the few bad habits you carry that make priests, at times, look foolish. We are a prideful group and will not take verbal, mental or emotional abuse without trying to ‘smite’ it first.

My first issue with you is pathing, mainly your lack of navigating a target back to me when there is a break in the floor between me and them, at times. The inconsistency has made you unreliable and it can be annoying at times when a comrade is stuck somewhere and they wish not to pay a repair bill. Sure, you are young, and still developing muscles. The least you could do is try, if you pull a party member half-way only to have him plummet to his death, than so be it, at least you tried.

My other qualm with your is your decision to blow your cooldown if above stated action happens. Seriously, you tried even try to left that 200 lb orc out of the crevice, shape up and be ready sooner. I wouldn’t care if you just shortened your cool down after a failed save attempt, it just upset me that you make me wait so long after you lazily decided that my buddy Gurhulk isn’t worth the time, nor the effort. (I know he’s fat, but don’t blame him, his son makes him eat a lot of doughnuts) If you could just muscle up and get back into the game quicker it would make me happy, at best be ready right after a failed attempt.

This letter isn’t meant to hurt your feelings, nor is it meant to slice you from my toolbox. It is just a request, like an owner trying to teach his dog tricks. Just fix these few problems for me and I’ll give you treats and affection.

Truly Yours,




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6 responses to “BA Shared Topic: Dear WoW….

  1. I’m thinking this is one of the best BA’s in a while.
    Yours made me genuine lol including a snort through the nose at work!

    One usage we did see as quite nifty was the ability to life grip people up and down from the flag room to the roof in WSG, quite good fun!

    It does still put the frighteners on me when I suddenly see my self in a totally different place to the one I started in though. I feel proper bewildered in a “wtf” way

  2. Gurhulk

    I am not fat, I am big boned

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  5. Tam

    Oh wow, this was wonderful. I’m afraid my lifeyank is covered in dust, I don’t get nearly the use out of it that I should. Mainly I use it for griefing my friends. Bad Tam!

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