You’ve learned “Haterade”!

Three day weekends really throw me off, just saying.

I didn’t really do much in-game this weekend. Mostly farmed herbs and leveled Alchemy on Coagulater. This proffesion stuff isn’t a joke in Cataclysm, but the nerf is coming….and it is needed.

The slicing of herbs needed to make flasks is much called for. The allure of Wrath consumables when matched up to the materials to make them in comparison to Cata consumables and their materials is a no-brainer right now.

The time it takes to farm enough herbs for 2-4 hours of raiding is quite a bit much right now, and to those who don’t farm and get their flasks and pots from the AH are feeling the time=money correlation as herbalists and alchemists raise the price of Cata herbs and flasks respectively to points of being 250g per flask. Kinda ridiculous…

On top of the added cost and materials needed, Blizz stealthed in and took away the 2 Flasks per creation.  I also took note that in all the leveling I did this weekend there wasn’t one time I created more than 1 flask. I remember when I’d create an extra 2-4 almost every other time, what gives Blizz?

It’s almost like they are attempting to constrict the alchemist so not everyone is running around with +300 flasks attached to them….but if they wanted that, than why even have them in game?

One good point I did notice is that when creating Cata flasks I have the chance to learn Wrath stuff as if it is acting like “Northrend Alchemy Research” which good I guess from a ‘I want to know all the recipes’ standpoint.

There’s my alchemy grumble…..what’s yours?

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